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7000 BC Alcohol fermentation specifically mead in China

7000 BC Alcohol fermentation specifically mead in China


7000 BC: Alcohol fermentation – specifically mead, in China[

Baijiu is stored in ceramic jars

The Mayan: pineapple sage mead

The earliest evidence, that we know of, of alcohol production dates back to 7000 BC in ancient China. You can bet that the kinds of alcohols that they drank ...

Early Neolithic jars, with high flaring necks and rims, from Jiahu (Henan province, China), ca. 7000-6600 B.C. Analyses by the author and his colleagues ...

Cortez: coffee mead


A replica of ancient Egyptian beer, brewed from emmer wheat by the Courage brewery in 1996

The liquid was found in the sealed bronze pot, centre.

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BC BC Fermented Beverages of Pre- and Proto- Historic China Neolithic village of Jiahu

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Mead may be the oldest alcoholic beverage we know about. From 7000 B.C. in China, to ancient Greece and Rome, to the Vikings and Jolly Olde England– the ...

Fermented beverages in early Egyptian civilization. Photo Credit: GoddessGift

Sparkling meads on draft

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The oldest firm evidence of an alcoholic beverage comes from Jiahu, China, where by 7000 B.C. farmers were fermenting a mix of rice, grapes, ...

Trójniak — a Polish mead, made using two units of water for each unit of honey

A bowl and stove used for the preparation of alcohol during the early Han dynasty.

History of wine

Almost every culture and geography appears to have embraced fermentation for millennia. People have been teaming up with natural microbes for much longer ...

The History of Mead

The Earliest Alcoholic Beverage in the World

Illustration of the cultivation of grapes and winemaking in Materia Dietetica (Shiwu Bencao 食物本草), Ming dynasty (1368–1644)

Mead has a long history dating back to 7,000 years before the Common Era.

How Long Have Humans Been Consuming Alcohol?

A Neolithic jar – possibly a qvevri, used for fermenting wine – from the site

Chinese liquor explored

1750 B.C.. alcohol in antiquity

RESTING PLACE Pottery vessels containing evidence of a fermented mixture of rice, fruit, and honey were found in burial sites at the cemetery in the ...

Who was drinking what during China's last imperial dynasty

White wine in glasses

List of mead variants[edit]

Ancient lidded jar from Anyang, northern China

A homebrewed melomel mead

Glass of mead with honeycomb

Fermentation is a natural process. People applied fermentation to make products such as wine, mead, cheese and beer long before the biochemical process was ...

Ethiopian mead (Tej)

China Wines - The Drink of Transformation


The mead is produced in the city of Trnava and has won international recognition during the Mazer Cup. This particular mead is brewed in an old Slavic ...

You'll find frequent mead references in classic literature.

Black-figured amphora (wine jar) signed by Exekias, made in Athens,


An illustration shows glycolysis and the two different metabolic pathways (aerobic respiration and anaerobic fermentation

Evidence of world's earliest winemaking uncovered by archaeologists | Science | The Guardian

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As the centuries continued, evidence of brewing performed by the Babylonians, Egyptians and eventually the Romans shows how this simple alcoholic beverage ...

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Scores given by the consumers' panel to meads with different alcohol and sweetness contents in

Index map showing location of sites mentioned in text (adapted from Liu et al.

Mead, the medieval warrior's choice of alcoholic drink, is making a quiet comeback across the US.

The first batch of mead was likely a happy accident. Image: Eco Artware

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Fermentation: 7000–6600 BCE in Jiahu, China. lactic ...

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Up close with Bluebeard, blueberry and coriander melomel

The oldest firm evidence of an alcoholic beverage comes from Jiahu, China, where by 7000 B.C. farmers were fermenting a mix of rice, grapes, ...

Yeast and Fermentation




alcohol in antiquity

Decrease of soluble solids during fermentation of chestnut, lime and honeydew type mead.

Explore every branch of the mead family tree, including melomel and cyser. Image: Desert Living Today

a,b | The earliest archaeological evidence for the production of a fermented beverage was discovered in China and was dated to 7000 BC (Ref.

Though a specific date of origin for ice cream has never been credited, the Chinese invented a variation in 200 BC, using a frozen mixture of milk and rice.

of ranking test for total impression of three types of mead, each with 40 or

Chinese Wine

The use of fermentation, particularly for beverages, has existed since the Neolithic and has been documented dating from 7000–6600 BCE in Jiahu, China, ...

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Correlations among mead sensory attributes.

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Density plots for consumers' evaluation of meads aroma (A), sweetness (B

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Code de Vino editor-in-chief Oleg Cherne will share with you the secrets

Production of n-propanol during mead fermentation from chestnut, lime or honeydew type honey

As one of the earliest civilizations on the planet, the Chinese have been credited with many great inventions, including paper, printing, gunpowder, ...