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A famous atheist and a saint kind of talking the same thing

A famous atheist and a saint kind of talking the same thing


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British actor Daniel Radcliffe, known for his role as Harry Potter, declared he was. Photos: Famous atheists ...

Einstein's Famous Quote About Science and Religion Didn't Mean What You Were Taught

An Agnostic's Assessment Of New Atheist Attitudes

Why Atheists Change Their Mind: 8 Common Factors

Seven Types of Atheism by John Gray review – is every atheist an inverted believer?

Personal Experience with God = Evidence for God | Luke - St. Louis, MO | Atheist Experience 22.40

It's a damning statement from a man who was serving as Vice President at the time… but there's reason to doubt he ever said it.

David Robertson

Actor Paul Giamatti calls himself an atheist. <a href="http


A famous atheist and a saint kind of talking the same thing. Interesting!

Dawkins has said, "We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies ...

Seven Types of Atheism by John Gray review – fascinating study of disbelief

David A.R. White and Gregory Alan Williams in God's Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness. Pure Flix

Theo Hobson

David Niose

Young Earth Creationist | Saints Fan - New Orleans, LA | Atheist Experience 21.44

Todd Stiefel, an atheist activist who runs Openly Secular, a campaign to encourage atheists to come out of the closet.

British actress Emma Thompson said <a href="http://. Photos: Famous atheists ...

Is atheism a religion?

First worldwide survey of religion and science: No, not all scientists are atheists

David Silverman, pictured in 2017, was one of the nation's most prominent atheists until he was fired as president of American Atheists in April.

James Faulkner and Jim Caviezel in “Paul, Apostle of Christ” Affirm Films

Two men in living room arguing

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster opened up about his beliefs and publicly stated that he

Christopher Hitchens Was Shaky in His Atheism, New Book Suggests - The New York Times

Philosopher Daniel Dennett is referred to as one of the "Four Horsemen of New. Photos: Famous atheists ...

The notorious Atheist who changed his mind, Antony Flew.

Atheists' arrogance is their Achilles' heel, as a cringemaking radio performance has proved.

Una embraced the Church of England after attending a religious primary school

What an interesting philosopher he turned out to be! And an interesting man, too. Set aside his historical importance --- the fact that he above all others ...

The Bankruptcy of Atheism

The task of living a fully God-centered life is no walk in the park, as the lives of the greatest ...

Atheism during the Age of Enlightenment

Matt Nelson

Brennen, 16, says he's the only atheist at his high school but doesn't feel out of place. "I'm out to everyone." The kids in gym class called him "co-pilot" ...

Inerrancy and the Patron Saint of Evangelicalism: C.S. Lewis on Holy Scripture

Nicholas Morrison, 22, graduated in May with a philosophy degree from Catholic University of

Jack Bentz, S.J.

Are religious people really less smart, on average, than atheists?

... called “Saint David” and “The Good David” by his friends, but his adversaries knew him as “The Great Infidel.” His contributions to religion have had a ...

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A Brief Survey of Sir Isaac Newton's Views on Religion

Photo of Timothy W. Massaro

SEVEN TYPES OF ATHEISM by John GrayFarrar, Straus and Giroux, 176 pp., $25.00


The story of the virgin birth runs against the grain of Christianity | Giles Fraser | Opinion | The Guardian

Four Ways to Witness to Atheists

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Nun

Jordan Peterson's Jungian best-seller is banal, superficial, and insidious

25 Blasphemous Quotes

From Atheist Professor to Catholic: An Interview with Dr. Holly Ordway

This Firebrand Atheist Was Just Fired After Allegations Of Financial Conflicts And Sexual Assault


How St. Monica Can Help Your Child Return to the Church

RICHARD DAWKINS Evolutionary biologist, University of Oxford Latest provocation: The God Delusion Peter Yang

Tim Keller, founder and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and New York Times bestselling author, is a powerful voice for Christian ...

Gregory Alan Williams as Pastor Roland in God's Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness

Argentine president, Carlos Menem converted to Roman Catholicism due to his political aspirations

Todd, 19, says he's an atheist but doesn't really care about religion or atheism. By the time he had grown up, his parents had stopped going to church, ...

Is the Atheist My Neighbor?: Rethinking Christian Attitudes toward Atheism: Randal Rauser: 9781498217163: Amazon.com: Books

Grace, 22, is almost a carbon copy of Harry, sometimes to her great chagrin. She's funny, silly and smart as heck. At the University of North ...

Rowan Williams

religious symbols

St. Thomas Aquinas, painting attributed to Sandro Botticelli, 15th century.

A man promoting Christian atheism at Speakers' Corner, London, in 2005. One of his placards reads: "To follow Jesus, reject God".

Implicit Atheism, Explicit Atheism and Other Forms of Atheism

Mystery Man Who Gave Bible to Famous Atheist Revealed