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An early draft of Nasa Eagleworks peerreviewed paper on the

An early draft of Nasa Eagleworks peerreviewed paper on the


EM Drive Paper Published By Eagleworks Team

Earlier this month Hacked reported that a draft version of the much expected EmDrive paper by the NASA Eagleworks team, had been leaked.

EmDrive: Leaked Nasa peer review paper replicates Roger Shawyer's 2006 results

EmDrive: Leaked Nasa peer review paper replicates Roger Shawyer's 2006 results

Nasa test apparatus for EM thrust. White et al.

This electromagnetic drive system produced dozens of micronewtons of thrust, according to a recent peer


A fuel-free engine is the stuff of science fiction for now, but scientists at NASA Eagleworks have published a peer-reviewed paper that suggests the ideas ...

EmDrive: Leaked Nasa peer review paper replicates Roger Shawyer's 2006 results

NASA Lab to Publish Paper on Warp Drive: "Speeds" that Could Take Humans to Mars in 10 Weeks

EmDrive: Nasa Eagleworks paper has finally passed peer review, says scientist close to the team

An artist's impression of the future of space travel.

EmDrive: Leaked Nasa peer review paper replicates Roger Shawyer's 2006 results

EmDrive: Nasa Eagleworks peer-reviewed paper on controversial space propulsion finally published

EmDrive: Leaked Nasa paper reveals 'Star Trek' microwave thruster does work

EmDrive built by Eagleworks inside the test chamber.

EmDrive: Leaked Nasa peer review paper replicates Roger Shawyer's 2006 results

Image by extremetech

Cannae Drive Cannae Drive

Confirmed: Peer-Reviewed Paper on EmDrive Coming in December


NASA's Physics-Defying EM Drive Passes Peer Review

The EmDrive created by Shawyer's SPR Ltd

The surface magnetic field of an active EMdrive, during the NASA test. Image credit

NASA's Physics-Defying EM Drive To Be Tested In Space | BENDED REALITY.COM

Could NASA research mean day trips to the Moon? (Image credit: NASA)

Leaked NASA papers show that the 'impossible' EM Drive' ...

This Propulsion Expert Says There's a Good Chance NASA's EM Drive Results Are Flawed

main article image

The NASA "mad scientists" at Eagleworks continue to work toward developing a fuel-less electromagnetic spaceship engine (not pictured).

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http://images.spaceref.com/news/2017/nflsaa. Keith's note: NASA has a ...

Electrically powered spacecraft propultion. In August Hacked covered the ...

Final version of NASA EMdrive paper confirms 1.2 millinewtons per kw of thrust which is 300 times better than other zero propellent propulsion

The Nasa Eagleworks team is tasked with investigating radical propulsion methods

According to leaked NASA documents, the 'impossible' fuel-free engine that could take mankind to Mars in just 10 weeks WORKS. According to researchers ...

The report suggests an operational reactionless thruster to take human explorers on round trips to Saturn's

Credit: John Bretschneider; Source: NASA Eagleworks. A ...


EmDrive: Nasa Eagleworks confirms paper on controversial space propulsion is under peer review, International Business Times. "


Nasa's test set-up for the futuristic EM Drive in its 'Eagleworks' lab

EmDrive — The Physics-Defying Thruster That NASA Is Puzzled Over

NASA Confirms The EMDrive "Warp Field" Still Generates Works In A Vacuum | The Escapist

Ever since the EM drive first made headlines, science lovers have puzzled over how the propulsion system seems to produce thrust, despite the fact it's ' ...

Nasa might have successfully tested a warp drive that could carry people at speeds approaching that of light | The Independent

Yes, that would be cool, but we still have no idea how to do

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News on propulsion at NASA

"With such a flurry of activity--from Elon Musk and Space X to the Administration's vow to send Americans to the moon and Mars--we see an opportunity to ...

NASA scientists proves the “impossible” EMDrive works and it could get us to Mars in 70 days

Illustration of `Oumuamua, the first-known interstellar asteroid. Its unusual shape and

NASA Eagleworks Laboratories NASA's Eagleworks Laboratories is a ...

The EM drive positioned inside a vacuum chamber for testing. Picture: NASA/ Eagleworks

NASA Scientists Sketch Tentative Theory of EmDrive Propulsion

Somehow, this bouncing of microwaves around inside the chamber is producing a measurable thrust–at least that's what this recent, peer-reviewed paper found.

While there has been some scepticism around the EMDrive, in April Nasa released results of

NASA & China are building a EM Drive Engine that defies Physics! - YouTube

An image of a globular cluster taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. (NASA)

The concept of an EmDrive engine is relatively simple. It provides thrust to a spacecraft

Previously Paul March discussed possibly scaling the Emdrive to 2000 Newtons

Warp To Mars In 10 Weeks, NASA Publishes 'Impossible' EMDrive Research Paper

Last year, NASA's advanced propulsion research wing made headlines by announcing the successful test of a physics-defying electromagnetic drive, ...



Leaked NASA Paper Shows their 'Impossible' EmDrive Engine Actually Works!

China Claims to Have Built a Working Version of NASA's Impossible EmDrive

First Moonwalker Neil Armstrong's Private Collection to be Sold at Heritage Auctions, Heritage Auctions. "

Leaked paper shows NASA's mysterious 'Warp Drive' is actually working

Technology: Huawei MateBook X Pro

The propulsion system may make deep space travel as in Star Trek a possibility. However

9-1_powered01.jpg (174.94 kB, 1833x777 - viewed 365 times.)


Data from eight EmDrive thrusters plotted

NASA's EM Drive Passes Peer Review, But Don't Get Your Hopes Up - Universe Today

The diagonal line marks perfect theory-data agreement. The effect of the dielectrics can be seen most clearly for the tests marked 'NASA2016' (the four ...

Credit: NASA

They put an electrolyte containing heavy water in a test tube (heavy water is just like water H2O, but the hydrogen H is replaced by deuterium D, ...

Encrypgen Beta Launch Sends Token Soaring

We have slim chance, suggests the British physicist Stephen Wolfram, of distinguishing an extraterrestrial artifact from a natural celestial object.

Abductions, UFOs and Nuclear Weapons : NASA Emdrive experiments have force measurements while the device is in a hard vacuum

New NASA Emdrive paper shows force of 1.2 millinewtons per kilowatt in a Vacuum and a low thrust pendulum and tests were at 40, 60 and 80 watts

Anatomy of an Ion Engine. Dawn at Ceres.

EmDriveLeaks: NASA-Fachartikel belegt Wirksamkeit des "unmöglichen Antriebs"

When I started my PhD shortly after, I began reading Feynman's books. Also, I eventually focussed on a beautiful anomaly. Cruise data has shown that every ...

Hmm ... NASA's infographic says that it is only burning 5.5 tons per second. No "million" pounds or tons is mentioned. Clearly @NASASocial needs to spend a ...

Nick Breeze

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope sits inside Chamber A at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston

September 2015 – On Saturday, September Lockheed Martin and NASA engineers at Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans welded together the first two ...

Опубликован отчёт НАСА об успешных испытаниях EmDrive

This is just to give you a rough idea. There should be a little space in between the plates and MEGs, just like there's space between the capacitor plates ...

Revolution in propulsion! Propulsion without chemical fuel. New NASA paper about EMDrive tested in vacuum. — Steemit