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Angelica Van Burens parents Richard Singleton and Rebecca Coles

Angelica Van Burens parents Richard Singleton and Rebecca Coles


Angelica Van Buren's parents Richard Singleton and Rebecca Coles (SouthCarolina Portraits, 1996) | a Sally's genealogy: pictures | Pinterest

Angelica Singleton Van Buren

Picture of Angelica Van Buren

Angelica Singleton

Angelica Singleton Van Buren

Angelica Van Buren's aunt Sally Stevenson, US Minister to England's wife. (Social Life in the Early Republic, 1902)

'The Jackie Kennedy of the 19th Century'

America's First Ladies: Angelica Singleton Van Buren

Angelica Singleton Van Buren

Our summary and fast facts about Angelica Van Buren provides an interesting and easy way to learn about the life of the First ...

Angelica Rebecca Singleton Van Buren. An early but heavily scratched image of Angelica Van Buren. (Library of Congress)

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Hannah Van Buren

America's First Ladies, #27 — Helen Herron Taft

Lucretia Garfield

Dolley Madison

William C. Preston

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One of Angelica Van Buren's gowns. (Van Buren Historical Site insidetheconservatorsstudio.blogspot.com)

The Oval Room on the state floor some 16 years after Angelica Van Buren received guests there. (Gleason's Illustrated Newspaper)

Florence Harding

Matching family tree profiles for Angelica Van Buren

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Sarah Dorsey · Lucy Knox

Henry Inman (painter)

Raeburn Van Buren

Sarah Childress Polk - Polk in her later years

The Lindenwald dining room where Angelica Van Buren presided over efforts to return her father-in-law to the presidency and her niece Mary McDuffie's ...

Mary Sumter · Elizabeth Monroe

Aaron Vanderpoel

home of Angelica Van Buren and her family

Van Buren sisters

Harold Van Buren Voorhis

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Martin Van Buren Bates

Sarah Polk

Julia Tyler

Martha Jefferson · Mary Sumter

John Payne Todd was James Madison's stepson, a child from his mother Dolley Madison's first marriage. His gambling and alcohol addictions were out of ...

Rachel Jackson

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Catherine Beecher

Inauguration of Martin Van Buren

A painting of Van Buren by Francis Alexander, c. 1830

Daniel Tompkins Van Buren

Anna Harrison

anne lynch botta

Dolley Madison and the War of 1812

Harriet Rebecca Lane Johnston (May 1830 – July niece of lifelong bachelor United States President James Buchanan, acted as First Lady of the United States ...

Margaret Taylor

Anita Van Buren

Susan Fenimore Cooper

Emily Donelson

Benjamin Franklin Butler (lawyer)

James Madison: A Life Reconsidered by Lynne Cheney. James Madison, Book Lists,

America's First Ladies: From Martha Washington to Today

Joseph Dana Webster

William Holme Van Buren

John Van Buren

Anna Payne was the daughter of John Payne and Mary Coles and a younger sister of

Florence Harding

"Artist Benjamin Blythe Title Depicted person: Abigail Adams Date 1766" Abigail Adams,

White House Christmas Tour 2018 Gallery part 2

Lucretia Garfield

Ilene Graff

Second inauguration of Andrew Jackson

Miss Amelia Van Buren

Frances Sargent Osgood

Elizabeth Monroe - Image: Monroe e o

Abby Joseph Cohen

Her mother was Mary Coles Payne. Her first cousin was former Governor of Illinois, Edward Coles.


James Madison, "Father of the Constitution" and first author of the Bill of Rights.

Abigail Fillmore

Fish family

Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt Jr, Edith Roosevelt, Roosevelt Family, First Lady

Angelina Grimke

America's First Ladies: From Martha Washington to Today

Horatio Gates Gibson

Letitia Tyler

Caroline Fillmore, second wife of the 13th President Millard Fillmore List Of All Presidents,

Page 1. “

First Lady and Step Mother to Alice. At age 40 in 1901

Ellen O'Neal Cutts, older sister of Rose Greenhow, wife of James Madison Cutts (nephew of James and Dolley Madison), and mother of Adele Cutts Douglas ...

Theodorus Bailey Myers

The Last Founding Father: James Monroe and a Nation's Call to Greatness Us Presidents,

The Woman Who Walked Alone

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Presidential portraits - Photos - 4 of 43

Poets and Writers

Mary Harrison McKee

Van Buren sisters

President Zachary Taylor In Uniform

Lotta Crabtree

Hubert van Eyck