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Armoured Car with a Colt machinegun and armoured shield arms

Armoured Car with a Colt machinegun and armoured shield arms


GAZ-2330 Tigr 4x4 vehicle can be armed with a 7.62mm machine gun or 30mm grenade launcher. Image courtesy of Vitaly V. Kuzmin.

Net - The Armored Car to 1940: Design, Development, Engineering and Production of Armored Cars (1940-1944).

Armoured Car with a Colt machine-gun and armoured shield

Car, Armored, T7. Known as the Franklin armored car, six vehicles were completed by the Holabird Quartermaster Depot using Franklin chassis.

The White Allied Expeditionary Force (AEF) design of 1918. This vehicle was only completed with wooden, mock-up, armor. (Photo: Editor's collection)

Car, Armored, T11E1. Constructed by Marmon-Herrington, a total of six T11E1s were completed. (Photo: US Army)

Armoured Cars of the Western Front, WWI

EAGLE 4x4 light tactical armoured vehicle has a maximum speed of 110kmph and range of 700km. Image courtesy of General Dynamics European Land Systems.

The armament consisted of one caliber .50 machine gun, turret mounted, and two caliber .30 machine guns. Car, Armored ...

The three original 1st Australian Armoured Car Section vehicles in Egypt. They were armed with the 1895 Colt “potato digger” machine gun.

Mack armored car built for the New York National Guard in 1916. Three vehicles were completed, all on different chassis, but with similar armored body.

Tiger Light Protected Vehicle (LPV) is based on the commercial Dodge RAM 5500 platform. EAGLE 4x4 light tactical armoured ...

MCTAGS - Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield USMC Turret for MTVR MK23 and MK25 and LVSR cargo trucks. M2 Machine gun is included.

Armoured Car Sections

Ferret armoured car

T7 Armored Car

Net - The Armored Car to 1940: Design, Development, Engineering and Production of Armored Cars (1940-1944).

M1 Armored Car

A Philippine Army M113A1 APC, still marked as an asset of the Light Armor Division (LAD).

A Philippine Army V-150 Commando armored vehicle with a 1-man turret for 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns. Most wheeled armored vehicles with the Philippine ...

Steam Powered Armoured Car

TATA LAMV (Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle) integrates a detachable armoured crew pod and V-shaped hull.

Two pilot T4s were completed before being standardized as the Car, Armored, M1. (Photo: Editor's collection)

David Fletcher

Extremely fanciful depiction of an improved version of Pennington's Car dated 1900 but printed in 1916. Source: London Evening News

The Armoured ...

M74 Tank Recovery Vehicle, Military Communications and Electronics Museum, CFB Kingston, Ontario. (Author Photo)

T17 (armored car)

Garford-Putilov Armoured Car

Tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the decision was reached that while the performance of the car was excellent, the vehicle itself was too large and heavy ...

U.S. Packard Armored Car M1916, armed with a Colt machine gun equipped with armored shield.

Hawkei Light Protected Vehicle (LPV)

Reece Ferret Scout Car with Browning Machine Gun - Stock Image

LAV-25 (USMC LIGHT ARMORED RECON BN.) 3 man crew with 4 man scout team, 25mm Bushmaster cannon, x2 7.62mm machine guns.

The armoured traction engine

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Cobra 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle offers high level of ballistic and mine protection. Image courtesy of Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.S.


Click to enlarge, cars-armd-light01.jpg (26278 bytes) ...

Net - The Armored Car to 1940: Design, Development, Engineering and Production of Armored Cars (1940-1944).

These guns are currently the largest calibers available in the AFP excluding the 105mm howitzer gun mounted on a few LVTH-6 armoured vehicles of the PMC ...

T27 Armored Car

Peerless Armored Car

Car, Armored, T3. Sporting a rather fancy top and .25-inch (6.35mm) armor for the radiator, this vehicle was also called the Cavalry Scout Car T1.

Patton Tank, M1 Abrams, Rc Tank, Sherman Tank, Ww2 Tanks, Korean

The Dawn of American Armor: The U.S. Army Tank Corps in World War I

Army sets sights on new concealable machine gun

Armored Quadricycle, 1898

The men are in Model T Ford vehicles, some of which have Lewis machine guns mounted on the car, ...

US Army's M1151 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) fitted with new FRAG Kit 6. Image courtesy of Ted Cavanaugh.

Churchill Infantry Tank, Base Borden Military Museum, CFB Borden, Ontario. (Author Photo)

D2E2 Armoured Car fitted with the Anti-Aircraft turret. Armored Fighting

ADMK Mulus machine gun carrier Military Art, Military History, Military Pictures, Military Equipment

Italian 13.2mm breda mod.31 machine gun Ww2 Weapons, Armored Vehicles, Military

qsy-complains-a-lot: “ Quad-mounted soviet PM Maxim machine guns - ZPU 4 Manufactured between 1910 and 1945 in Russia or the USSR, here used in an ...

The Ram Kangaroo Armoured Personnel Carrier, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario. (Author Photo)

Ocelot vehicles in the British Army service are known as Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV). Image courtesy of Andrew Linnett/MOD.

Car, Armored, T2E3. On this vehicle the rear compartment has been cut down, with a roof and turret added. (Photo: Editor's collection)

M3 Scout Car

Car, Armored, Light, T1. Two Pontiac chassis were converted by the Ordnance Department in 1928, what is interesting is that as originally constructed the T1 ...

AEC Armoured Car

DShKM 12.7×108mm/T-55

German Panzer IV tank, examined by Lance-Bombardier T. Hallam and Signalman A.H. Wharf, HQ, RCA, 5th Canadian Armoured Division, near Pontecorvo, Italy, ...

Armoured warfare

An Armoured Motor Car, With A Machine Gun Mounted In The Turret. The Car Proved Effective During The Egyptian Riots In The Town. (Donor: B. L'estrange) ...

German machine gun Panzerlauf MG 34 - armored tank version

Modern tanks on rehearsal of military parade in Moscow, Russia - Stock Image

The Forster Pedrail Steam Tractor

M3 Lee Medium tanks on a railway flatcar. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3285353 and 3285354)

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Panzer DB on. Tank Armor ...

D-8 Armored Car

M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle

The Bussing A5P was an armoured car produced in Germany during World War I. The production of A5P began in 1916 and produced in limited numbers.

The Elbit Systems RWS-H which can carry a 25mm auto cannon. Photo taken from Elbit Systems RWS-H product data sheet.

The PPSh guns are mounted above the grill.

This time, Elbit Systems will perform the modification including the modernization of the turret and the armored vehicle.

Rolls-Royce Armoured Car

... Machinegun Carrier in a motorized machine gun Corps. A Canadian Tank Corps was created in 1918, with three battalions that were disbanded in 1920.

Vickers Crossley Armoured Car

Armoured Car Place of origin:........Italy

Both Colt and Hotchkiss machine guns were used. Armed Bikes 3 Armed Bikes 4

Ram II Tanks in service at Camp Borden, ca. 1943. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4232758

Marines with Combat Logistics Battalion 31 fire M240G medium machine guns and an M2 .50

Armoured Car Place of origin:........Austrian Empire

Mark V heavy tanks of the 301st Tank Battalion go into action at Souplet, France, 17 October 1918. (National Archives)

Leyland Armoured Car

Churchill tank of the Three Rivers Regiment taking part in Exercise Spartan, England, 8 March 1943. (Library and Archives Canada, MIKAN No. 3209253)

The King armored car of 1916 was used by both the US Army and USMC. (Photo: US Army)

Autoblinda Fiat-Ansaldo

An Australian Army light armoured car setting out to patrol the road west of Mount Carmel. Other types of motorised vehicles can be seen in the background.