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BasilicadiSanPietroinVaticano1a architecture t

BasilicadiSanPietroinVaticano1a architecture t


Architectural Details : A Visual Guide t... by Cole, Emily (EDT)

Port Authority Building (Havenhuis) in Antwerp, Belgium (2016)

Toyota Headquarter Toyota City.jpg

Why I can't recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin

Favourite piece of architecture in Chiang Mai: I like many buildings in Chiang Mai. But if I had to choose my favourites, they are Tamarind Village and The ...

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St Bene't's Church of Cambridge, the oldest extant building in Cambridgeshire; its tower was built in the late Anglo-Saxon period.

Japan Tobacco


T-Shirts for Architects - Bob Borson

photo credit : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=993257&page=5

Architectural Graphics 101 Window Tags in Section - by Malone Maxwell Borson Architects

T One Building

Architects - Holy Hell Frame - T-Shirt

Chepauk Palace


Attaporn Kobkongsanti_03

KMITL's Shops to own the FIRST STEP 2018 T-Shirt

Morioka-Station West-Gate Complex Facility

An RCS application: The 4D/RCS reference model architecture for an individual vehicle. Processing nodes are organized such that the BG modules form a ...

The tallest building in the world

The bronze doors of The National Archives Building in Washington, D.C.. Each is 37 ft 7 in (11.5 m) tall and weighs roughly 6.5 short tons (5.9 t)

A 900 MHz NMR instrument with a 21.1 T magnet at HWB-NMR, Birmingham, UK

1 ...

Why EVERY photographer should be using LIGHTROOM!

Gallery image of this property

Clockwise, from top: Söğütözü business district, Anıtkabir, Gençlik Parkı, Kızılay Square

The four towers (Horloge (L), César, Argent, Bonbec (R))

Early modern[edit]


Inside a Google data center

The Grand Palace


Berlin Wall6322.JPG


Numerous buildings have a jagged façade, exemplified at Park Avenue and 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Hôtel de la gabelle (House of the Salt Tax) in Bernay, Eure, Upper Normandy, built in 1750 by Bréant and Ange-Jacques Gabriel.

The outside of the Cusack Stand

The best Prezi presentation ever!

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How to Draw a 3D Ladder - Trick Art For Kids

Docker Tutorial - What is Docker & Docker Containers, Images, etc?

ISSUE 10/2018

The most powerful electromagnet in the world, the 45 T hybrid Bitter-superconducting magnet at the US National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, ...


One World Trade Center (to the left) and 4 World Trade Center under construction, as seen from a helicopter on April 30, 2012.


temple in bangkok