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Can you still remember your Drill Instructors name Comment below

Can you still remember your Drill Instructors name Comment below


Can you still remember your Drill Instructors name?. . Comment below if you remember

Tag your sister in uniform below. . Whether she is in the Marines, the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army... or if she is a LEO or Firefighter. . We want ...

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Drill Instructor Yelling Marine Corps via U.S. Marine Corps Every region of the ...

Many ...

Drill Sergeant (Staff Sgt.) Jonathan Christal, B Battery, 1st Battalion,

Try your best to remember why you are there, and remember the instructors will be relentless. Don't challenge anything they order your to do.

Members of the U.S Marine Corps honor guard march on to the South Lawn of the

After Sadistic Sex Abuse & Deadly Drill Scandals, German Army Again Under Fire

The core of cadre is just a handful of upperclassmen—the cadre platoon leader (a senior), cadre platoon sergeant (a junior), and 3–4 squad sergeants (also ...

Meet the Drill Instructors

It's hard to think of many actors who became as legendary as R. Lee Ermey did for just 40 minutes of screen time. From the moment he first strolled through ...

When I went through bootcamp, upon enlisting with the United States Marine Corps, I had this one drill instructor. Every platoon has that one drill ...


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Five Do's and Don't's When Writing to Someone at Basic Training or Boot Camp – Project Write2Them

Below are the fundamentals you will practice during grass week with your Marksman Coach, including the positions.

I've also changed names used in this story, since I haven't asked any of the participants for their permission.

US Marine Corps Commander Joshua Kissoon


Photograph: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty

Case of Muslim Marines Savagely Abused by Instructors Exposes Hazing in US Army

... the ground as they want to hear your feet hit the ground with intensity every step - so DRIVE THOSE FEET! Below are commands associated with drill and ...

The Smokey Bear

Parris Island Centennial Celebration: Tales from boot camp | Hilton Head Island Packet

Marine Boot Camp IS Abuse, but Boot Camp Abuse is Intolerable

Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and Wisdom from America's Finest: Dan Caddy: 9780062351968: Amazon.com: Books


The Blues Card was not a Get Out of Jail Free Card, though some RDCs reported troops holding it up while being disciplined, trying desperately (and probably ...

One ...

R Lee Ermey

Things To Expect In Basic Training!

President Obama makes U.S. Marine break the rules, and he does not look happy about it!! | Daily Mail Online

How the Death of a Muslim Recruit Revealed a Culture of Brutality in the Marines - The New York Times


MarineParents.com 10 Posting Rules

Unit Leaders

Here Are The Funniest Punishments Ever Handed Down In the Military, According To The Internet - Task & Purpose

Donald Trump military academy yearbook photos

Photograph: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty

a journey through boot camp

During Qual time, use your booklet to keep track of your target practice. Today, you might pass or fail, but everyone who fails will get a second chance ...


If you read the viewer comments ...

A note about Saluting.

A firsthand look inside America's resurgent paramilitary movement.

An Officer and a Gentleman Poster

Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown from Toronto-based AsapScience explained that the so-called

Getting the Lowdown on Customs and Courtesies

This abstract way of thinking about notes is not only the slowest way to get to know musical notation, it is also highly unmusical, with the rhymes having ...

All these things will lead you on the path of becoming a Marine. Also during team week you'll have a bit of freedom regarding marching destinations.

Sgt. Geraldine Lovely is under investigation at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada


O Ranks.jpg

Indiscipline can wreak havoc with a coach's plans and be the source of frequent headaches.

Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and Wisdom from America's Finest: Dan Caddy: 9780062351968: Amazon.com: Books

Hoping for a break in the storm

Grand Master of Memory and Memrise app found Ed Cooke told MailOnline there are 10 tips

Single Page Narrative

Marines: 22 Parris Island hazing investigations | Hilton Head Island Packet

Photo of Eric Peart

Know your #hymns? Test your knowledge with this trivia #question and comment below with your best guess!

I get students to practice in two ways – one, of course, is saying note names as they play. I don't think you can bypass this vital stage in getting ...

The Challenges of Ranger School and How to Overcome Them

'Not Anti-NATO': Finland Admits Russian War Games Were 'Purely Defensive' - Sputnik International

Basically you are given a couple weeks to slowly adapt to being in the military. Cadre are strict, but not very rough on you at first. You get your uniforms ...

Last week there was a great question posted on my Facebook page about how to manage pencils (sharpening, losing, etc) in the classroom.

The author and Drill Instructor Sergeant Terminator at the very first Silkies Hike in the nation.

For those of you who used to be in the Army or Navy, imagine your Drill Instructor or RDC's response to your waving this card around while they're trying to ...

marines 2005

Remember that professor you had in college who took you under his wing and made you feel like you had something unique to contribute to the world?

This US soldier 'found alive' in Vietnam 44 years after being left behind

Toilets do not have doors. Why? So recruits can't hide from DIs, for safety purposes.

Reading to your child, helping them become more independent and encouraging maths are recommended [NC]

Photo: Cpl. Cassandra Flowers, Marine Corps

Rule Breaker: President Barack Obama, center, watches a Marine remove the umbrella after

There are two implications I see for teachers. The first is to ask, what exactly do we want pupils to remember? The second is to ask, how do we help them ...

take care of yourself before others. “

Joint US-Canada-Ukraine Military Drills Begin Monday

taking care of self quotes. “

Yet still… it is far too common for schools to use evaluative comments. The phrases below do not sit right with me… and together we need to find ways to ...

Here's the ...