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Get Lalibela tour vacation at best price at Exploriada to enjoy your

Get Lalibela tour vacation at best price at Exploriada to enjoy your


Get Lalibela tour vacation at best price at Exploriada to enjoy your vacations fully and explore

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The Weerwater Chapel by Rene van Zuuk Architekten Religious Architecture, Modern Architecture, Sacred Architecture

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#UNESCOworldheritagesofethiopia #Aksum #Lalibela #Fasil palace #Hararjegol #Konsolandscape #Lowerawashvalley #

The Church of St. George (Bete Giyorgis) in Lalibela was incredibly carved out

Tadao Ando - Church of the Light Church Of Light, Study Architecture, Interior Architecture

kenzo tange cathedral tokyo

The new Kolumba Art Museum designed by Peter Zumthor transfers the sum of the existing fragments into one complete building. The Kolumba Art Museum in

#UNESCOworldheritagesofethiopia #Aksum #Lalibela #Fasil palace #Hararjegol #Konsolandscape #Lowerawashvalley #

Woke up at 5 AM to catch the first train out to Mechernich. Sunrise came a littler later than I expected so I arrived at the Bru.

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cross church light Sacred Architecture, Church Architecture, Religious Architecture, Light Architecture, Architecture

#UNESCOworldheritagesofethiopia #Aksum #Lalibela #Fasil palace #Hararjegol #Konsolandscape #Lowerawashvalley #

#UNESCOworldheritagesofethiopia #Aksum #Lalibela #Fasil palace #Hararjegol #Konsolandscape #Lowerawashvalley #

Concrete door | Photography by Serge Najjar

The exquisite beauty of the Blue Nile Gorge is a must see for those traveling to


In the by manipulating light rather than paint or sculptural material, James Turrell introduced an art that was not an object but an experience in ...

Projeção da iluminação natural dentro do edifício - Igreja da Luz - Ibaraki, Osaka, Japão - a abertura na parede aliada à posição solar permite a projeção ...

Selam! For my 50th post I will reintroduce myself. My name is Gebre and

Church of the Light, Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan. 1984-

Tangle Table by Akihisa Hirata

In Asia, everything is fine, but there is one sad circumstance that can spoil

ARQUITECTURA ::: CONSTRUCCION EN BARRO - Adobe y Tapial - Ksars, conjuntos fortificados en el anti-atlas al sur de Marruecos, levantados a base d…

Recientemente hemos terminado estas escaleras de pasos volados. Quedaron muy bien los listones de Shihuahuaco pegados sobre las bases de metal.

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Supawee Yodnum (Pu)

SORN/Architecture: The Beauty of Simplicity of Tadao Ando | sornmag.com Arquitetura

Tadao Ando - Church of the Water Igreja Moderna, Tadao Ando, Arquitetura De Igreja

Racing through the desert! Here we are on our way to Erte Ale volcano where

Andrew Baxter

Chapel on the water- candlelite ceremony- most beautiful way to get married Igreja,

I've got another long drive today but it's been such a great trip and

Church on the Water exterior | Amazing Interior Design Ideas | Boca do Lobo Inspirations |

Mohamed Alla

Tadao Ando Church on the Water and Chapel at Mount Rokko Japan, 1986/1988

Brian Thompson

Dokmai Chada (Born)

church of light, Tadao Ando Arquitetura, Igrejas, Tadao Ando, Design De Iluminação

Présence de l'eau The Church on thw Water, 1988, Tadao


So, travel and share your experiences! #travelexperience #. Exploriada ...

Kate Dobromishev

Fotografia e Travel to Ethiopia


The good the bad and the ugly please... • Did you have any

The more a daughter knows the details of her mother's

Bucket list event? 🤔I can't say that I have always wanted to

Fotografia e Travel to Ethiopia

Fotografia e Travel to Ethiopia

L'ultimo saluto a #Miami subito prima di salpare per i #Caraibi .

Miami Christmas Have you ever been to Miami during this time? See the Christmas decorations

St. Lucia is often referred to as The Helen of the West Indies --

Wherever you go, always find time to simmer in the experience of being exactly where

モロッコ/フェズ北の砦(North fort in ...

Just wrapping up a great trip? Share your travel! It's easy.

lake retba - senegal

Waw an Namus (means as the Oasis of Mosquitoes) is a volcanic field,

I love the life we've created @briankaliko.