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Golden Necklace with Medallion Depicting a Goddess Egypt Roman

Golden Necklace with Medallion Depicting a Goddess Egypt Roman


Gold Necklace with Medallion Depicting a Goddess, Egypt, Roman Period (30 BCE - 300 CE) Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Currently not on view Source

Gold Necklace with Medallion Depicting a Goddess Egypt, Roman Period (30 BCE - 300 CE) Jewelry and Adornments Gold, green glass Length: 17 1/4 in.

The History And Significance Of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

... Collar with medallions containing coins of emperors ...

Roman, Severan Necklace with imitation coin pendants, early 3rd century A.D. Gold

A Roman green jasper “magic gem”, circa 3rd century AD. ⅝ in

Gold necklace featuring the god Horus from Tutankamen s tomb Egyptian Museum Cairo Egypt north Africa

Childs bracelet

A pair of Roman gold earrings with carnelian profile female bust cameos, circa 3rd century

A Magnificent Roman Gold Necklace with Snake Protome Termini and a Pendant with a Medallion of Gordian III by Ancient Art, via Flickr

Ancient Egyptian jewelry

Minoan gold pendant of bees encircling the Sun, showing the use of granulation, from

Egyptian Winged Goddess Necklace - Natural Bronze Isis Pendant - Insurance Included

Sumerian headdress

BACCHUS - DIONYSUS, silver pendant of ancient GOD · Bacchus, God Dionysus, Roman, Greek Pendant Ancient

Beaded Necklaces

A medallion painting from the House of Marcus Fabius Rufus in Pompeii, Italy, executed in the Second Style and depicting the Greco-Roman goddess ...

... Pectoral and Necklace of Sithathoryunet with the Name of Senwosret II ...

Janus is the Roman god of beginnings, passages, and transitions. He is depicted as two-faced, since he sees into the past and future.

NILE Ancient Egyptian Roman Period Gold Amulet Coin Pendant c100 AD

These First Dynasty necklaces hint at the color and designs that were prevalent in early Egyptian culture.

Detail from a funerary papyrus dating from the 21st Dynasty (11th-10th century BC

An Egyptian gold and carnelian multi-strand bead necklace, New Kingdom, 18th-

The long staff, called a 'was' sceptre was depicted with many Egyptian gods

Medallions of Valentinian I Antioch

KHONSU, Egyptian Moon God, silver pendant, Ag 925

Image 2: The braid

Collar with Medallion and Pendant | Page 2 | Cleveland Museum of Art

Plate 30.3

Late Antique Jewellery from Asyut, Egypt Egyptian ( gold, ring, bracelet, necklace

Egyptian Scarab Ring - Gold Plated In 22ct

Medallions of Constantine I Siscia

Bowl with a Medallion Depicting Omphale, Roman, 1–100 CE, Berthouville, France, Silver and gold, H. 8.2 cm Diam. 28.9 cm, Bibliothèque nationale de France, ...

Egypt, Ptolemaic Period, 332-30 B.C. Jewelry and

Love, sex and marriage in ancient Egypt

Silver was used less frequently, as in this medallion with chain, this bracelet with a portrait of a child, or this ring showing ...

The History And Significance Of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

An Asante akrafokonmu (soul washer's badge), repoussé gold disk c. 18th–

Gold glass medallion of a youth named Gennadios, who was "most accomplished in the musical arts". Probably from Hellenized Alexandria, Egypt, c. 250–300.

A statue with the body of a lion and head of a human or animal,

A Meroë king standing before the Egyptian god Re. Engraved gold plaque, Archaeological Museum, Khartoum, Sudan

Miraculous Medals

Casinos pondered the practical - and psychological - implications long ago and came up with the devilishly effective solution of tokenry.

Model collar of Hapiankhtifi

Bas relief fragment portraying Cleopatra

WINGED ISIS, Egyptian Goddess, silver pendant, Ag 925

of the god Khepri.

A pair of Byzantine gold, garnet, pearl and sapphire earrings, circa 6th-

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Hamsa Jewelry

Egypt. Abydos. Temple of Seti I. New Kingdom. 19th Dynasty. The

Tutankhamun's golden funeral mask. (Leemage/Corbis via Getty Images)


FIGURE 2.26 The gold chain with medallion and other objects.

The History And Significance Of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

wedjat Ancient Egyptians frequently wore jewelry ...

As the embodiment of Horus, the falcon wears a double crown. When the falcon


Egyptian art Gem with depiction of the god Anubis (Hermanubis), with jackal's head

'The Fettercairn Jewel', 1560-80, gold, enamel & almandine garnet, 5cm., cover, interior & reverse, National Museums Scotland. '

These finger coverings ...

ANCIENT ROMAN GOLD LUNA PENDANT - CIRCA 2ND C AD Gold Jewellery Design, Ancient Romans

1918 Collotype Roman Medallion Necklace Emperor Artifact Coin Bust XAEA3

Finding a Roman coin in Grumento, Italy

Gold Necklace and Pendants 100 A.D (Gold Necklace and Pendants 100 A.D. Pendant on the

Catholic Art. Jewelry Sale!

Pendant in the Shape of an Uraeus


Sterling Silver and Roman Glass Necklace by Michal Kirat

Medallion depicting Olympias, queen of Macedon

Do You Know About These Different Types of Scapulars?

... wearing gold-bordered fabrics, a gold-leaf diadem and gold necklaces and earrings tastefully set with pearls and gems. Linen on wood. Roman, from Egypt ...

Warding Evil and Welcoming Luck: Protective Amulets of the Ancient World | Ancient Origins

THOTH, Wisdom and Learning, God of Ancient Egypt

5 Ancient Roman Gold Gilded Beads European Authentic Antiquity Artifact Greek

Medallions of Constantine II Thessalonica

Image of St. Ambrose Pendant (14 Karat Gold Filled)

Portraits of Hellenic Roman Egyptians Depicts Clothing Jewelry Hair Styles 200AD

A relief depicting the Ancient Egyptian god Bes on a facade of the Small Temple of

The History And Significance Of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

1 Pair Stainless Steel Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Punk Fashion Curved Barbell Eyebrow Rings Ear Lip Helix Piercing Spire Earrings

Image of St. Ambrose Pendant (Sterling Silver)

Predynastic Egyptian Belt

Agriculture in ancient Rome

... Tanit was still venerated in North Africa under the Latin name of Juno Caelestis, for her identification with the Roman goddess Juno.

Auction 53 Lot Number 107

Ancient & Medieval History — Egyptian Gold and Garnet Serpent Ring, Roman... | Art and History By Human...NOT ALIENS!!! | Pinterest | Ancient Jewelry ...

In the precious metal coinage the typography is still unmistakably Roman but the ...

A Roman red jasper ringstone with Venus victrix, circa 1st century AD. ¾ in