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Good Samaritan fresco Balkans Our Lord Jesus Christ t

Good Samaritan fresco Balkans Our Lord Jesus Christ t


Could be Mary of Bethany or the Sinful woman in Luke 7:38

Good Samaritan fresco (Balkans) Parable of the ...

Good Samaritan fresco (Balkans) (detail)

Фотография Life Of Christ, Byzantine Icons, Savior, Christianity, Interview, Scene,

Christ in the winepress

19th century Icon of the Virgin and Child with Angels from the Balkans Religious Images,

One of the types depict Christ as "reposing" This iconographic type run across the Greece and the Balkans since the century. The frescoes of the cathedral ...

Daniel Kovalak on the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The Angel Locks Satan in the Abyss by Joanna Zabaglo

Nestor is ranked among the warrior saints in iconography, and he is often shown with armor and weapons, as in this 14th century fresco, again from Vysokie ...

A fresco found at the Minoan site of Knossos, indicating a sport or ritual of "bull leaping". The Minoan civilization was a Bronze Age civilization that ...

Praying Youth (early medieval fresco) Fragment of a Roman Christian ...

Annunciation (Santa Maria Maggiore)

An icon such as this is, as I often say, a kind of graphic novel in paint. A believer could move his or her eyes about the icon to follow the story, ...

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Christ Enthroned (Koutloumousiou Monastery) Christ in Glory, 1744. Fresco on a dome of the ...

Harrowing of Hell (Tiberius Psalter)

Kiss the Son by Nicora Gangi

The Way to Paradise by Dieric Bouts

The teaching of the Church, according to which images are an integral element of the Christian Gospel from its very beginning, is also expressed in the ...

Annunciation by Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi

transition to christianity Art of Late Antiquity, 3rd–7th Century AD

Vincent Van Gogh The Good Samaritan (after Delacroix) oil painting reproductions for sale

Freedom of Worship by Hank Willis Thomas and Emily Shur

The Virgin Mary with the Apostles and Other Saints

Trinity College, Cambridge (MS R.17.1, fol. 108v). Illuminates Psalm 64:1-3: “Hear me, my God, as I voice my complaint; protect my life from the threat of ...

Wine and Bread by Alexander Antonyuk

Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven

Saints and Martyrs (Fra Angelico)


Theophanes the Greek ~ The Hospitality of Abraham (Old Testament Trinity) (detail), The Church of Transfiguration of Christ, Novgorod, 1378

Spread of bogomilism in the Balkans[edit]

Encounters by Nicola Green


Snowflake photo by Wilson Bentley

Jesus in the Catacombs of Rome. 3rd-century fresco from the Catacomb of Callixtus

Make All Things New by James B. Janknegt

Transfiguration of the Lord

Resurrection of the Dead (stained glass)

Christ in Glory by Graham Sutherland

The Stell Falstone by Judith Appleby

... and a painting of the same name by Mati Klarwein, used for a Santana album cover, are controversial for their blatant sexuality.

Melkite Church of the Annunciation, Jerusalem. Christ the Pantokrator in ...

The smaller inscriptions identify each scene. At top is the Raspyatie Khristovo — the “Crucifixion of Christ.” Below that is the Snyatie so Kresta — the “ ...

Annunciation (Wimborne Minster)

Hanukkah Lamp by Moshe Mann

Wounded in Spirit excerpt (Bartolome Murillo)

The Pregnant Woman by Marc Chagall

Snowflake photo by Wilson Bentley

The two sectors of Lymira. (Plan after Seyer & Lotz, 

Wounded in Spirit by David Bannon

In the second half of the 19th century, there were said to be at least 70 icon painting masters and establishments doing a flourishing business in the ...

Wounded in Spirit excerpt (Paul Gauguin)

Icon of Saint Eve

One Night Advent calendar

Countering Illicit Traffic in Cultural Goods The Global Challenge of Protecting the World's Heritage by ICOM - International Council of Museums - issuu

Motherhood paintings by Fairfield Porter

Annunciation by Henry Ossawa Tanner

One of the upper figures is an old man with a white beard, one is a young man with a dark beard, and in the middle is a woman-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Through the Needle's Eye by Grace Carol Bomer

Mary's relationship to the Holy Spirit: A focus for the union of East and West

Mary's relationship to the Holy Spirit: A focus for the union of East and West

Adoration of the Shepherds (Armenian)

And the Mountains Rose by Barbara Wolff

De/coding the Apocalypse by Michael Takeo Magruder

Eclat by Gill Sakakini

Detail of a Paleochristian mosaic from the basilica of Santa Pudenziana in Rome, c. 410 AD, depicting Saint Pudentiana

List of samples.

Church in the monastery in Matejce had frescos with the largest number of secular characters put together in one place; In the Balkans, ...

Via Dolorosa by Motti Mizrachi

At right we see the long line of freed prisoners rising up to the Gates of Paradise, notable among them the “Repentant Thief” who is called Rakh in Russian ...

Note that the pool is represented in the form of a cruciform well, much as we see the well often depicted in icons of the Samaritan “Woman at the Well” ...

The Infant Savior by Andrea Mantegna

Ardenicë Monastery, Myzeqe, 1743.

Hellenistic painted monuments in Bulgaria.

20 Paintings, Olympian deities in classical Greek and Roman religion, with footnotes , the story of Medea the Sorceress

If you have been a faithful reader of this site (you all are, aren't you?), then you will easily be able to translate the title inscription.

Manichaean Painting of the Buddha Jesus depicts Jesus Christ as a Manichaean prophet, the figure can be identified as a representation of Jesus Christ by ...

Annunciation by Fra Angelico (San Marco)

The inscription is not difficult:

9.13.3 The process of Bedouin settlement on the Golan Heights at the end of the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries consisted of a ...


Don't let it worry you. Cursive inscriptions, when clearly written, are not that difficult; and in fact we have already seen this inscription on an icon of ...

Transcendence by Brandon Maldonado

Igor Paneyko

Christ and Bartimaeus by Julia Stankova

Region of Lycia, in Diocese of Lycia and Pamphylia; from J. Borchhardt,


Leviathan Whom Thou Hast Formed by Barbara Wolff

It happened once that a crippled man and a mute woman happened to both be staying in the shrine of Menas. In the middle of the night when everyone was ...

He is the fellow in white pants, holding a cross. In the lower part of this segment we see Jesus giving Rakh the cross that will be his “ticket” into ...

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. In Christian ...

Madonna and Child (detail) by Jean Fouquet

Prayer by James Webb