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I dont ship klance but I love this movie and the characters I

I dont ship klance but I love this movie and the characters I


I don't ship klance but I love this movie and the characters. (

I don't ship klance but Adam and Shiro are adorable, also Matt in the background is hilarious!

Keith and Krolia



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Idk if I saved this already but I love this so I don't care

Fem Keith and Lance. I don't ship them but fem lance is so accurate I can't not pin this

I don't know what's happening but if I were Keith I'd interrupt really loudly by making gagging noises but that's just me

I don't like ML at all but this is cute

The last time I tried to upload this, tumblr ate half of it :( Headcanon: Coran initially doesn't get along with young prince Lance; eventually they become ...

Sorry about the language guys but the art is great! Oodles of Doodles : Photo

fanart of the fanfic on thin ice :) - Voltron: Keith, Shiro, and Lance

Klance Oneshots - Galra Keith x Altean Lance - Wattpad

Voltron Keith and Lance on Valentines Day by MariStoryArt.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Shiro is true Space Dad of the paladins Form Voltron, Hunk Voltron, Voltron Ships

Keith / Lance | Prince Lotor

Lance and Pidge / Katie Holt - Night of Couple part 1

That would be a very cute parallel! I don't ship this, I just think it'd be nice parallel.

I don't know who to ship - they are all so awesome together. Guess Shiro/Keith/Lance will just become my first xD Voltron Mini Comic

Homesick Lance: How could you not miss your family? Keith: 'Cause you are my family now.

2/2 I don't even think I want context

Twitter>>> voltron, keith, lance, klance, kiss, (kiss fall in love. Maybe youre my love)

I don't like this film but I wouldn't mind it if it starred Keith and Lance tbh

Voltron: Legendary Defender 'fan' blackmails studio to make a gay ship canon on the show | SYFY WIRE

shit lance says. You can tell this child has a bunch of younger siblings. He cursed like a grandpa

How one fandom's desire for bisexual representation reflects larger queer issues in media.

I don't think there will ever be a day when I don't

knittedstar: “Keith and Lance may not ever be canon but god knows it will always be canon in my heart ”

I dislike the whole "Altean Lance" thing people seem to enjoy, but I DO enjoy a young Coran!

... but I love this. *chefs kiss* d e l i c i o u s Voltron Ships, Voltron Klance, Form Voltron, Voltron Fanart

If you ship Klance or any ship because or only bevause its gay or boyxboy please reevaluate your life. Don't ship things because you fetishize it.

Deleted scene of episode 5 (Keith is taking the chance to kiss his crush in a dark elevator)

Lance to Pidge about her glasses- "Do you even need these?" from Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron: Shiro & Keith + Lance & Kuro 2/3 - By: Project Ava aka Mizu-no-Akira

Bruh if they don't get married then love doesn't exist Voltron Ships


Don't stop us now the moment of truth, We were born to make

I don't like where this is going.

Lights Up — Lance and Keith, together 'till the end, (whenever.

Keith: *accidentally moans* Lance *nosebleeds but wipes it away* naughty naughty boy *grabs keiths arm, leads him to the his bedroom and fucks the absolute ...

Very logical explanation as to why Pidge is a girl, tiny Lance. It has freckles! Must be a girl.

I don't ship it but dAMMIT THIS IS TOO CUTE ARGH Voltron Ships,


Dreamworks TV/Netflix

Fist one he trys its like Lance wtf are u doing stop. then its like Keith u know u like it then keith is just like laughing at him like he is ...

proof Lance is an obnoxious younger sibling. I do the same exact thing < < I am a younger sibling but I don't do stuff like this anymore

New Lance and 80s Keith

Pike Lance

same shiro same ~~ voltron legendary defender | vld | shirogane 'shiro' takashi | lance mcclain

Season ...

Lance x Pidge I KNOW WHO ELSE HAS A MULLET (p.s. I absolutely don't ship this pidge is asexual and Lance is totally married with keith so yup)

Klance angst(and eventual fluff and romance) by LYZbie on DeviantArt

"Voltron" Superfan Blackmails Studio To Get Gay Relationship In New Cartoon | NewNowNext


I am like the lovechild of pidge and Keith (but I don't ship kidge)

I don't even ship Klance but this.

Klance is the uncanon ship between Lance McClain and Keith Kogane. It's a HUGE fan favorite and a lot of people want it canon. (So much so that people break ...

Don't remember. Didn't happen." TBH, I laughed so hard at that part lol. "

[Voltron AMV] I Ship It // Klance - YouTube

Pidge acting out the other paladins with trash. Voltron Ships, Form Voltron, Voltron


I don't ship punk but idk ://///////

I loved that scene lmao

Allura and Lance in Voltron season 8


Many Voltron fans know and ship " Klance ," a fantasized relationship between protagonists Keith and Lance. Essentially, Klance14 is demanding that the ...

This is actually a rlly great fanfic idea Voltron Klance, Voltron Ships, Form Voltron

Lance confesses to Keith [Voltron]

Toxic Fandom: When Criticism and Entitlement Go Too Far

#me #voltron #keith #lance | Voltron | Pinterest | Voltron klance, Klance and Voltron ships

Shiro and Curtis wedding - Voltron Season 8

Voltron LD: Pidge and Lance by mystryl-shada ...

Posting a doodle I drew at 4 am for a friend is PROBABLY a mistake but…oh well /D(might delete when I wake up OTL…like…does he look weird? I can't tell, ...

Voltron Season 7 Finale Explained: Fans Aren't Happy with Shiro | Collider

by Dave Trumbore August 13, 2018


“As you mature as a person in some areas, it ultimately will mature other areas of yourself as well. Lance is always going to be Lance, he's always going to ...


Lance is goofy, fun-loving, and good-hearted, meshing well with Blue. He is good friends with fellow paladins Hunk and Pidge. When Shiro goes missing, ...

Still, there is something to be said about the idea helping to shape the interactions of men in media. This is why role models are so important.

Tumblr's top ships of 2018 paint a picture of a community in constant debate

Allura death - Voltron season 8

Amazon.com: Lance's Story (Voltron Legendary Defender) (9781534425392): Cala Spinner, Patrick Spaziante: Books

When Is Season 8 Of 'Voltron: Legendary Defender'? The Intergalactic Saga Will End In 2018


Klance is a ship between the two paladins from "Voltron: Legendary Defenders,"

I haven't watch Voltron yet BUT my sister wanted me to do a fanart of Shadam / Adashi with the song 'remember me' from coco so yeah~ Hope you like it!!

Lost in Your Universe [Klance/Galra!Keith x Altean!Lance]

Voltron Character & Ship Theme Songs

Klance one shots

Keith smiling at Lance.

Who Do You Ship? What Tumblr Tells Us About Fan Culture - The New York Times

Spoilers from Season 8

'Voltron' Fans Clash Over One Season 7 Controversy

Lance smiling at Keith. “I actually don't ...