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Limestone statue of the goddess Artemis Hellenistic period 3rd

Limestone statue of the goddess Artemis Hellenistic period 3rd


Limestone statue of the goddess Artemis. Period: Hellenistic

Limestone statue of Artemis Bendis. Culture: Cypriot. Dimensions: 30 3/4 x 12 3/4 x 7 1/4 in. (78.1 x 32.4 x 18.4 cm). Date: ca. 3rd century B.C..

Limestone statue of Artemis - from ancient Cyprus, circa 3rd c. BCE

Stock Photo - Limestone statue of Artemis with quiver and fawn. Period: Hellenistic; Date: 3rd-1st century B.C; Culture: Cypriot; Medium: Limestone; ...

Limestone statue of Artemis Bendis Hellenistic 3rd century B.C. Cypriot Hard limestone 78cm Cyprus Greek Greece

Limestone statue of a male votary holding a dove and an apple Period: Hellenistic Date: 3rd–1st century B.C. Culture: Cypriot

Limestone statue of Apollo, Hellenistic

Artemis, the Greek goddess responsible for the nurture of wild animals as well as the hunt. Like the Greek goddess Aphrodite, she became assimilated with ...

Athena. Greek mythology

Limestone statuette of Artemis (?) holding two torches. Period: Hellenistic; Date

Marble and limestone statue of an attendant, Hellenistic

Huge Archaic Greek Limestone Statue of a Sphinx by Artemis Gallery - 1184167 | Bidsquare

Limestone relief with Greek inscription, depicting Apollo and Artemis under palm tree

Limestone statue of a bearded warrior, Early Hellenistic (Limestone statue of a bearded warrior

... Limestone statue of a veiled female votary ...

Egyptian civilization, Roman Period, 3rd century. Limestone relief with a Greek

statue known as "Artemis Bendis" - found South Italian, made in terracotta,

Finds in Amarynthos Confirm Sanctuary Belonged to Artemis

Artemis Gallery to auction museum-quality ancient, Asian and ethnographic art & antiquities, Oct. 22

Greek civilization, 4th century b.C. Bronze statue of Artemis. IL PIREO, ARHEOLOGIKÓ MOUSSÍo (ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM). Limestone statue of the goddess ...

Life Size Garden Greek Goddess Artemis Stone Statue


This floor mosaic with the goddess Artemis is made of limestone tesserae and was made in the Eastern Mediterranean, c. 400-500 CE.

Archaeologists unearth Greek Goddess Artemis' Statue in Luxor

Temple of Artemis, Corfu

Triple statue of Hecate or Artemis - found Lazio, circa 150-200 AD - at the British Museum

Seated gods wait to receive the new peplos, detail from Parthenon frieze, Slab IV

Excavation work has revealed more details about the sanctuary of Greek goddess Artemis in Evia,

Artemis and the Stag

Six ancient Greek statues discovered in Magnesia on the Meander river in southwestern Turkey

Photo de stock: Artemis with the doe known as Diana of Versailles, marble statue

Child burials, small Artemis statue among new discoveries in Egypt's Aswan. The headless statue of the Greek goddesses Artemis

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Diana, Ancient Roman goddess of hunting and the Moon, Artemis in th Greek pantheon

Apollo The Hunter On Base 80

Ancient Greek sculpture

Marble column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis

Seven Quick Facts

Limestone statuette of Artemis with a fawn, Hellenistic ?

Architectural Sculpture


Bronze and ceramic objects found this summer east of Amarynthos. (Photo by Eurokinissi)



Tyche -- Goddess of Fortune and Prosperity of a City

History. Temple to Cat Goddess Discovered in Egypt. A limestone statue ...

Representation of the goddess on an ivory votive offering, National Archaeological Museum of Athens (Source)

Artemis/Diana Greek/Roman moon goddess, and goddess of hunting, woodlands and

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Located at: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/Aphaia_warrior_adjusted.jpg.

Roman marble figure of a muse

Marble, Bronze and Other Sculpture Materials

Bronze mirror with a support in the form of a nude girl. 38.11.3

Artemis. Goddes of the Hunt. Sculpture. 1st century AD. Roman work after

Hellenistic (Limestone statuette of Apollo(?

Apollo Belvedere (330) by Leochares Museo Pio Clementino, Rome. Suddenly Greek sculpture is utterly life-like.

Statue of Goddess Artemis of Ephesus

marble Artemis sculpture

The goddess Artemis adjusts her chiton. Detail from Parthenon frieze, slab XIXX.

... on western Evia, confirmed that a large sanctuary enclosure (perivolos) discovered last year belongs to the goddess Artemis, according to archaeologists ...

Life Size Garden Greek Goddess Artemis Stone Statue

Limestone statue of artemis bendis hellenistic century stock photo alamy jpg 316x540 Artemis bendis

Large, seated figure of the lion-headed goddess, Sekhmet, Egypt, Third

How to Make an Artemis Costume thumbnail


Bronze and ceramic objects found this summer east of Amarynthos.

Artemis in Athienou-Malloura, Cyprus: Revealing Gendered Relationships among Cypriot Deities | Caitlyn Ewers - Academia.edu

Sculpture in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (1977) by Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - issuu

A statue of the Ephesian goddess Artemis

Hebe Sculpture Life-Size With Fancy Square Pedestal 83

Temple of Athena Lindia (5th–3rd century bc), Lindos, Rhodes,

Ancient greek temple of goddess Artemis - one of seven miracles of light

1. Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens

This is a color photo of a reproduction of the Peplos Kore statue. It depicts

Female lovers

Artemis, Goddess ...

The Didache (The Teaching) First Christian Catechism - Page 5 - Christianity - Washington DC Message Boards

The statue of the Greek goddesses

Sculpture in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (1977) by Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - issuu

Terracotta aryballos (oil flask)

An altar to an unknown god in Greece


Ivory busts of the goddess; votive offerings, National Archaeological Museum of Athens (Source)

General view of the sculpture showing King Thoas and the goddess Artemis.


Artemis. Huntress goddess. Roman marble sculpture, dating from the second century. Ephesus

Written sources and excavations so far show that the city's greatest prosperity was during the Hellenistic times (end of the 4th - 3rd centuries BC) when it ...

Central portion of the west pediment of temple of Artemis

Antiquity greek city - Ephesus. Ancient greek temple of goddess Artemis - one of seven

Egyptian bust of a goddess

A Greek votive relief for the goddess Artemis Bendis - Bendis was a Thracian goddess identified

The carved base of one of the columns.