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Men of the 16th Canadian Machine Gun Company holding the line in a

Men of the 16th Canadian Machine Gun Company holding the line in a


The Battle of Passchendaele: A Sea of Mud The gains made during September encouraged the

Canadian Soldiers test-firing a Vickers gun.

Firing a Lewis Gun from 'standing position'.

Personnel of the Canadian Machine Gun Corps holding the line in shell holes during the Battle of Passchendaele. The machine-gunner

Actions of St. Eloi Craters. Troops of the Northumberland Fusiliers, 3rd Division,

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Crosses on Bodies

Personnel of the 16th Canadian Machine Gun Company holding the line in shell holes during the

Stretcher bearers struggle in mud up to their knees to carry

A Lewis light machine gun in action in a front line trench near Ovillers. Possibly

The Royal 22e Regiment landing on the beach at Reggio di Calabria on the morning of

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Mud and barbed wire through which the Canadians advanced during the Battle of Passchendaele

German prisoners and wounded Canadians, Battle of Passchendaele

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Wounded Canadians on way to aid-post, Battle of Passchendaele

Recruitment poster - 86th Machine Gun Battalion, Hamilton, Ontario

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Soldiers of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry firing a Vickers machine gun during a training exercise, Eastbourne, England, December 3, 1942

An 18-pounder field gun and crew of the Royal Field Artillery in a gun

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CMGC Organizational Chart, 1918 (Source: Grafton, "The Canadian Emma Gees").

Armoured car, Automobile Machine Gun Brigade No. 1 - Ottawa, September 1914

A group of men standing or lying on the deck of a ship, posing for

A US Navy sailor fires a MK-18 rifle at a target.

6-inch gun of the Royal Garrison Artillery firing over Vimy Ridge behind Canadian lines at night

Men of the 16th Canadian Machine Gun Company holding the line in a landscape of mud and water-filled shell holes, November 1917.

Front line after Battle of Langemarck, 16-18 August 1917.jpg

AustraliansAtTobruk.jpg. Australian troops occupy a front line ...

The Battle At Vimy Ridge

12 RS Lewis gun team wearing respriators

The Canadian Corps attacked Vimy Ridge 98 years ago. The German position had successfully resisted earlier Allied attacks, and it was heavily defended.

Soldiers wounded at Vimy Ridge

26th Battalion of the Second Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1915

A sunburst through the clouds is shown against a landscape of destroyed land with a shellhole

Canadian pioneers laying trench mats over mud, Battle of Passchendaele


Machine gunners operating from craters on the plateau above the ridge

Soldiers of the 16th Canadian machinegun regiment using shell holes as makeshift defences at Passchendaele Ridge

Second stage[edit]

CMGC Organizational Chart, 1918 (Source: Grafton, "The Canadian Emma Gees").

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers on parade in England

Prussian line infantry attack at the 1745 Battle of Hohenfriedberg.

... 31. PASSCHENDAELE Personnel of the 16th Canadian Machine Gun Company Company holding the line ...

Vickers machine-gun of the 1st Battalion, Manchester Regiment, 17 October 1941, Malaya

"Lord Kitchener Wants You" recruitment poster for the British army in WWI. It. "

One of two crosses honouring men of the 46th Battalion who died at Vimy Ridge. The cross is shown on Vimy Ridge shortly after the First World War. -

Australian and American troops dug in together during the Battle of Hamel

Canadian machine gunners dig themselves into shell holes on Vimy Ridge, France, April 1917 (courtesy Library and Archives Canada/PA-1017).

British machine gunners fire on German aircraft near Arras

File photo dated 29/07/19 of General Sir Douglas Haig (left)

A squadron from the 1st Life Guards, August 1914; possibly attached to the Household Cavalry Composite Regiment, as the Life Guards did not leave for France ...

The Royal Engineers No 1 Printing Company: The barrel of a 15 inch howitzer is

A Dutch musketeer, holding a musket; painting by Jacob van Gheyn in 1608

#24 Personnel of the 16th Canadian Machine Gun Company holding the line in shell holes during the Second Battle of Passchendaele, November 1917.

A long line of German prisoners being marched into Fricourt.

German MG34 team in action, circa 1943.

Machine guns > Berets.

Cdn. soldiers returning from Vimy Ridge Canadian ...

RJB18 – Ypernbogen.jpg

The interior of an Australian advanced dressing station on the Menin Road during the Third Battle

A United States Army soldier armed with a Mossberg 500 shotgun

2nd Canadian Division soldiers advance behind a tank

A Canadian Machine Gun Company (this is actually the 16th, who fought alongside Lionel's 9th Company) holding defensive positions at Passchendaele in 1917.

A group of soldier charging up a hill with a flag carrier in lead

Two pages of the War Diary of the 9th Canadian Machine Gun Company for 25 October 1917, the day before Lionel Ewens was killed at Passchendaele (there was ...

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German prisoners and wounded captured by Canadians, Battle of Passchendaele


Tank in badly shelled mud area, Battle of Passchendaele

Rifle Brigade Cap Badge.jpg

MSS 24, War Memorials Canada


Significance of Vimy Ridge. “

The Puerto Rican 65th Infantry Regiment's bayonet charge against a Chinese division during the Korean War.

Submachine guns[edit]

A Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol

Platoon Commander Lieutenant I. Macdonald (with binoculars) ready to give order to attack

A half track vehicle sits in the foreground in a grassy open area, with a. Canadian ...

Canadian Military Engineers

Meanwhile, the Indian army had tactical berets.

Tank battalion[edit]


Battle of Polygon Wood[edit]

Private Joseph Pappin, 130 Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Franco-Belgian operations[edit]

British Army fatigue party carrying duck boards over a support line trench at night. Cambrai

Patel Ballistics Flare Gun