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Microcopy example by MailChimp UX Writing Writing

Microcopy example by MailChimp UX Writing Writing


15 marvellous microcopy examples (and how they improve UX) – Econsultancy

Mailchimp make sure the user know's what the problem is at all times, with really helpful suggestions based on the likely error.

... 23. Stripe What makes UX writing so efficient? Yuval Keshtcher Microcopy & UX writing ...

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... I also like the microcopy that brings to life its star rating system, beginning with 'Eek! Methinks not!' for one star and ending with 'Woohoo!

... UX writing so efficient? 32. Mailchimp It's Fun!

This error message from MailChimp makes it nearly impossible to feel perturbed. | Good job, Microcopy! | Pinterest | Writing, Building a website and User ...

Its trial sign-up form also effectively emphasises that there are no traps, with copy stressing its 'no credit card no nonsense' policy.

Yuval Keshtcher Microcopy & UX writing CLEAR Google ...


Yuval Keshtcher Microcopy & UX writing Prevents frustration; 25.

Executives are finally realizing that brands need a carefully crafted user experience to thrive. This awakening has led to a new era for microcopy — an age ...

As Maggie Stanphill, senior UX writer at Google, explains: “We found that it was far too committal at this stage in the decision-making ...

... phrase specific thoughts or instructions. But if your user doesn't get you, all is lost. We give you our story: how we improved our microcopy and tips ...

Observe a problem to solve Write a hypothesis Collect data, brainstorm solutions A/B test experiment Analyze decide iterate ...

UX Writing Example for Google Ads

5 Ways To Prevent Bad Microcopy


Got to love Mailchimp for how they use words and images to make their users feel great!

UX Writer Job Alerts

Yuval Keshtcher Microcopy & UX writing; 14.

I particularly like how the text at the bottom of the page promtoes related products and services, all-depending on whether or not the user can or cannot ...

Microcopy: Tiny Words With A Huge UX Impact

How do UX Writers fit in a product team?

What is wrong with Adam Sandler? From Pinterest.

Big circle with UX in grey, then three smaller colored circles of the same size

Ahead of the way A recent delightful microcopy I found out was how Quora provides similar questions in line with yours. If there is no similar questions ...

Google Yuval Keshtcher Microcopy & UX writing ...

Dollar Shave Club's hidden humour

What is Microcopy?

"The fastest way to improve your interface is to improve your copy-writing"

... we loose users; 29. Yuval Keshtcher Microcopy & UX writing Google Earth Example by Nir Gottlieb What makes UX writing ...

An example? Date formatting. Read more here. And here.

... UX writers get paid as well as designers on most occasions. The reasons for this are several fold but let us look at an example to reiterate how copy ...

It might sound like a new match in the UX design world. But you don't have to start from scratch when it comes to testing content and microcopy.

Blaise Pascal; 6.

Participant writing some ideas

... Microcopy & UX writing; 51. ...

Great UX Content Is Clear and Informative. UX writing and microcopy ...

“UX Writers ...



Many users probably fail to even register what it says, but that's the whole point. Short and simple – it subtly prompts users to start searching and see ...

Google Yuval Keshtcher Microcopy & UX writing; 21.

Microcopy may be mini, but it can have a macro impact on user experience. Check out these 10 examples and start writing great UX microcopy.

Veam Product Page (before)



Grammarly's smart call to action


Elsewhere on Yelp, I also like the microcopy that brings to life its star rating system, beginning with 'Eek! Methinks not!' for one star and ending with ' ...

Below, instead of confronting users with example questions, it uses categories like 'our products or 'printing and delivery', showing that good FAQs can be ...

Elsewhere, Firebox jumps on any opportunity to be creative with text, here asking customers whether they want their item wrapped in its own unique style.

Timely's password advice

Reformation is another brand that uses microcopy to educate users, this time pointing them towards its stance on sustainability and the environment.

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Veam Product Page (after)



54. Yuval Keshtcher Microcopy & UX writing; 55. Yuval Keshtcher ...

If you love microcopy, be sure to follow her feed on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tinywordsmatter.

Firebox's H1 tag

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What is wrong with Adam Sandler? From Pinterest.


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The Power of Microcopy in Web Design

If we think about user experience first in terms of a physical product, for example a lawnmower, this includes the first time your customer hears about it.

Eating quality? I mean now it has this vintage vibe which makes it kinda cool, but is this really a chocolate bar or a nutrient bar 503?


Microcopy greeting on wall

Working through an example of a failure message to make it more clear, concise,


Google do something fun too when you overuse punctuation in an email address:

Bottom line: microcopy can be entertaining. But, as responsible writers, we also have to consider the possibility that users don't always want to be ...

Microcopy writing: a computer and glasses

What is UX Writing? Design words.

So am I Penguin Awesome? From Pinterest.

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The Product managers' guide to UX design

Screenshot telling you to check your email for the next step. If it's not there

Warning that there are only 500 seats so please arrive early to the webinar.

This is the message my Kor bottle gives me every time I open it. This is what a microcopy does.

Test your microcopy

Great success‏

paper craft

You can start by writing something as simple as how your day goes, or what you are thankful about. If you are having problems to write, some websites offer ...

UX copy for enterprise design

Image credit: Lauren Okura

Mailchimp's Pattern Library

Save the date for a webinar includes a feature with a drop down menu to add