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Oh you 4 the LOLZ t

Oh you 4 the LOLZ t


Oh you poor, poor child. (Even if they're probably older than

Oh lolz

Oh, you hate your job? Hahaha @Elizabeth Meyer @Sarah Chintomby Gerke @

... Of White Privilege: White privilege means not having to worry about your hair, skin color, or cultural accessories as the reason you didn't get a job.

DiscussionThis ...

We don't have just one person.we have five telling us. AND they have amazing accents

"Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger. But she ain

if she doesn't know bowling for soup, she's too young for you bro

Best chicken joke ever. Lauren HerpDerp · Lolz for Days

Local hacking group Pinoy LulzSec hacked multiple Philippine-based websites as part of their annual April Lulz tradition. Apart from website defacement, ...

It apparently worked well enough only to message me once I guess lolz ...

Oh, Brendan.

< < I will literally not wear a tampon for an entire cycle and rub blood everyone if you think it's so bad~~~"oh ...

Funny pictures about I Wonder What He Charges For Tuition. Oh, and cool pics about I Wonder What He Charges For Tuition. Also, I Wonder What He Charges For ...


Retail Robin - Customer: "It's time Do you close?" Me: 9 CusTomer: oh good I still have time :not funny Happens all the time! Not so funny for people ...

Theres a time and a place for everything, and Its called college. A ring

Thanks for the tip;) oh yeah i do that to, you know like

Even Harry Potter got one 2on3 by The-Monkey-is-red ...

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wtf regular video omg! meme lulz lul Lolz LOLWUT LOL life humor haha FUNNY ftgdw

Clap your... oh

1:38 PM - 4 Dec 2016

meh ro7426 455x337 - i did it for the lolz: part 11! when sites. meh ro7426 455x337 - i did it for the lolz: part 11! when sites

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Never too busy for good health

But you're minding your own business? Lolz. Oh by the way Revival is platinum. So that makes 9 albums to your what 1?

Black Horse And The Cherry Tree in the style of K.T. Tunstall karaoke video lyrics - YouTube

Never get the 2 mixed up!

Paige Sorenson on Twitter: "It's the little things. #relationshipgoals… "

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Here's How to Know If a Girl Likes You Over Text

Abosede Ademosu

Daliso Chaponda brings the LOLZ for your votes | Semi-Final 5 | Britain's Got Talent 2017

Derps and dragons

(I can't read this without hearing it in the Pokedex voice.) Bitches don't know about my exiguous eighteen weeks of filler. Holler.


#stokedcali hashtag on Twitter


He Didn't Wait 7 Years For Her, But He Did For Fallout

V For Vendetta Disobey T Shirt Anonymous Guy Fawkes Mask Obey 99% New Dtg5 Tee Shirt Men Male Screen Printing Custom Short Sleeve 3XL T Shirts Deals Super ...

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... calling Eddie a "pussy" for the lolz, stay and laugh at how those involved are *already* rationalizing this with more "It's for the fans!" shenanigans.

FAILS hilarious lolz random lol starter pack cheezcake really wtf funny weird - 6513157

Taste good but I can't feel my whiskers!

“@IamSandraOh: Dunking Tony my showrunner at their farewell Carnival at Greys! pic.twitter.com/vjOPbcusCN” why aren't we there @klairekdash

Rachel Gallo i am an original girl gamer. i bought the original xbox and played

http://www.mdmag.com/medical-news/t he-lipid-paradox-why-are-ra-patients-with-low-cholesterol-at-risk-for-cvd … Uh, oh- it's another one of those pesky ...

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In the meantime let the adults on this side solve real world problems for a better world.

Target snickers

What Have I Done?


One of many back-handed shaming comments I see about Destiel shippers is that it's wrong to watch Supernatural for Destiel, Dean and Castiel's romantic ...


Knuckles - OH NO! (Gregzilla version)

Episodes 3 & 4 Reaction ~ Hopefully this is a bit more, slightly, specific


Zack. Dude. Take it down a notch. Now I'm not gonna lie; Colorado is a beautiful place. But just because you're there doesn't mean you can't pop a few Xanax ...

[RMX] [RMX] [RMX] Atheism For The Win

Sandra Oh Grey's Anatomy Season 15

Funny Memes What is a word for funny, yet soul crushing?

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Work hard fail

And oh, that nonsense about empowering women instead of being feminist. Lolz. You love to control, don't you? As a lover of humanity and co-founder of a ...

Android app developer StereoMatch did a little experimenting and discovered a few things about the way Android 6.0 lets you adopt external storage devices ...

Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill - YouTube

Big shiny expensive albums, power ballads with the laziest videos ever, and a solo EP that doesn't hint at being even ...

Troll Culture of Hate Time Magazine Cover

... story that dickheads like this still walk the earth, but I'm very glad that Forrest can have a sense of humor about it. He's such a great kid...I can't ...

Let's know ourselves oh. Tell us your story. Mine I remember after reading the

The Lulz Equation[edit]

What ...

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Aimee Clegg on Twitter: "@annyapple90 haha oh you! And yeh I hate every single one of them Lolz http://t.co/0IzgcsNnth"

gender failbook garlic Memes facebook bread - 8803595264

Now I'm still half cut from last night so I knocked off some of the little clahds just now so I can't be too accurate.


10 reasons why you should NOT marry a Pakistani man – The Express Tribune Blog

Funny Pictures Parent has meter to tell child how she is likely to react to him

Business Suit Requirement Stream

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Like. Follow. Share. 😤😣😤😣😤😫 By the way,

Designer Mousemat - Underside Strong Bonding for Optimum Stop - Optimal Performance for Games Compatible with All Mouse Types (Ball, Optical, ...

Merry late Christmas From me to me lolz.... Package didn't