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Only Eleven Blockchain Cryptocurrency Projects Maintain 1 Billion

Only Eleven Blockchain Cryptocurrency Projects Maintain 1 Billion


Only Eleven Blockchain Cryptocurrency Projects Maintain $1 Billion In Market Cap in Recent Slump


Cryptocurrency ripple falls 5 percent

It's a Monday in Bitropolis, but not just any Monday.

A16z Puts $16 Million Behind Stablecoin Platform MakerDao

Three New Cryptocurrency Platforms That Help Monetize Your Time

Bitcoin rival Ripple is suddenly sitting on billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency world has evolved massively over the past few years, transforming itself from a Bitcoin-driven ecosystem into a diverse collection of ...

Filling the Demand: Cryptocurrency Job Postings Set to Triple From 2016

The Same Equity Firm That Owns Korbit Exchange Just Acquired Bitstamp

Galaxy Capital Leads $16 Million Funding for Crypto Project Caspian - CoinDesk

Battle of the Privacycoins: Why Monero Is Hard to Beat (and Hard to Scale

It's been a wild week for bitcoin and its clones

Price Analysis: Cryptocurrencies Hit $100 Billion Market Cap as Bitcoin Reaches for New Highs

Credit Suisse Argues Irrational Exuberance Around ICOs Indicates Bitcoin Bubble

Rakuten Is About to Buy a Bitcoin Exchange for $2.4 Million

Many governments will not sit by and lose control of the money supply without a vicious fight. Anyone working on a project right now should be anticipating ...

Forget Bitcoin: Here Are 12 Cryptocurrencies You Should Be Following -- The Motley Fool

Verizon, JetBlue Back Blockchain Firm Filament's $15 Million Funding

People who buy cryptocoins are already gamblers to some extent. And just from the price action we've seen over the past year, there are a lot of newly-rich ...

Venezuela's Petro Cryptocurrency Is a Gift to Future Generations

Bitstamp: An Overview of the Industry's Oldest Active Exchange

Galaxy Capital Leads $16 Million Funding for Crypto Project Caspian

Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack Hits Japan

Dubious Bitcoin Scheme Uses Ethereum ICO to Keep the Game Going

Battle of the Privacycoins: Why Dash Is Not Really That Private

The blockchain landscape is still very technical. Aside from the early enthusiasts and pioneers, it is hardly comprehensible to the masses, ...

Chinese Crypto Bans on WeChat Accounts, Events, and Exchanges: What Happened and Why

Creating a Blockchain-Based Network of Interoperable Artificial Intelligences

Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency, logo

Vanguard Taps Symbiont's Private Blockchain for Index Fund Data

Palestine May Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency as Sovereign Legal Tender

EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to

Bitcoin Price Loses 10% In August But Long-Term Bottom May Be In

Numerai to Cut Token Supply by 10 Million to Become 'Decentralized as F*ck'

Making Voting, Elections Both Secure and Accessible with Blockchain Technology

Complete List - Bitcoin Friendly Countries for Cryptocurrency Businesses in 2018

Ping An's New Pitch for Blockchain: Shared Ledger, But Banks Keep Clients

Forget Bitcoin: IOTA Just Partnered With 5 Brand-Name Companies on a New Project

Bitmain dominate

Comcast, Disney, NBC: Media Giants to Launch Blockchain Ad Platform

Bitcoin Gold Launches on November 12

Investing in Cryptocurrencies as Securities: An Interview from a Legal Perspective

Indian Government Turns Fiat Currency War on to Cryptocurrencies

TenX raises $34 million in 7 minutes

Altcoin Bitcoin Private Confirms Additional 2 Million Coins Secretly Premined

Hacker Allegedly Siphons $31 Million Out of Tether, Driving Further Speculations About the Cryptocurrency

New Study Reveals an Increase in Venture Capital Investment in Blockchain Projects

Change Healthcare Announces Enterprise Blockchain Solutions on Hyperledger Fabric

Presenting a United Front of Blockchain Companies to Work With Congress

Op Ed: A Cryptographic Design Perspective of Blockchains: From Bitcoin... | Bitcoin Magazine

Decentralized, Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Exchange Bitsquare to Launch Next Week

Decred Launches Proposal System to Advance Blockchain Governance

Bitcoin Drops Below $3.4K to Set a New 2018 Low

Sora Foundation Wants to Build a Better Blockchain Community in Asia

BitPay Integrates PAX Stablecoin Into Cryptocurrency Payment Platform

Investors Commit $100 Million to tZERO ICO

Trader Jailed and Fined Over $1 Million for Bitcoin and Litecoin Fraud Scheme

The Latest Bitcoin Bug Was So Bad, Developers Kept Its Full Details a Secret

Life's Code: Blockchain and the Future of Genomics

Bitcoin price chart

Crypto Discussions at Highest Level: The OECD's Love of Blockchain Obscures Its Fear of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Whales: 1,000 People Who Own 40 Percent of the Market - Bloomberg

Bitcoin Price Back Above $17k to Set New All-Time High

Inside IC3: How Cornell is Advancing the Science of Bitcoin

Explanation: Wanna Cry ransomware money laundering with Bitcoins in action. Graph shows Bitcoin being converted to Monero (XMR) via ShapeShift.io

Ethereum Client Update Sets Byzantium Hard Fork Date

Vermont Lawyer Warns of Legal Complications Ahead for Cryptocurrency Miners

Bitcoin Cash Price Climbs 11% to Hit 2-Month High

Yes, you can really buy these crypto trading cards.

11. SALT — $48 million

BitPay Plans Support for Multiple Digital Currencies, Starting with Bitcoin Cash

... an initial move by the People's Bank of China, the country's central bank, to tighten its oversight of the country's then-dominant bitcoin exchanges.

A physical gold bitcoin on a table.

NAGA Wallet: Cryptocurrency Solutions for your Success

Art by Diego Rodriguez (Plasma Bears by @NeonDistrictRPG)

Source: LinkedIn

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech Market Could Reach $10 Trillion in 15 Years, Says RBC Analyst

Telegram's Privacy-Focused User Base Could Become TON Blockchain's Killer App

Stacks of physical crypto coins stacked in front of a virtual currency price chart.

Meet "Pine," the Bitcoin Philanthropist Who Set Up the $85 Million Pineapple Fund

eToro: Bitcoin, Ether Trading Skyrockets; Trader Sentiment Remains Bullish

A Beginner's Guide to Claiming Your Bitcoin Gold (and Selling It)

Report Suggests Global Spending on Blockchain Tech Could Reach $9.2 Billion by 2021

After Second Hack This Year, South Korean Exchange Youbit Closes Down | Bitcoin Magazine

... of how it's giving away $125 million in crypto to users (unmentioned is that the asset in question is XLM, the cryptocurrency that powers Stellar).

4 Banks Complete €100K Commercial Paper Transaction on R3's Corda

From that moment the state began to get involved and the direct regulation of cryptocurrency began to take more prominence.

Neo Price Bleeds 40% to End August as Worst-Performing Big Crypto

Ripple is sitting on close to $80 billion and could cash out hundreds of millions per month — but it isn't