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Relief gladiators Glyptothek Munich 364 Relief with a scene of

Relief gladiators Glyptothek Munich 364 Relief with a scene of


File:Relief gladiators Glyptothek Munich 364.jpg

Relief depicting a gladiator holding a whip and a spear. Location: Museo della Civilta Romana, Rome, Italy

fragmentary relief of gladiatorial scene; Roman, late first century BCE This relief, from

gladiator stele - Google Search

Grave stele of a gladiator . From Tralles , Aydin . 2nd century CE Istanbul

View Stock Photo of Relief Depicting Gladiator Samnites Italic Civilizations.

retiarius - Google Search

This tombstone was found in Constanta, Romania. Dated to 3rd century AD. It represents Skirtos, a gladiator from Tomis. What interests me is his equipment.

Interesting relief from Terni, Umbria of two, probably late Republican early Augustan Galli/Essedarii. The body position of the left Gladiator is peculiar ...

Diptych with Circus Scenes. Byzantine, 5th century AD The Hermitage Museum Early Middle Ages

sculpture of Roman gladiators

Gladiator frieze, 2nd - 3rd century AD, from the necropolis at Kibyra, Burdur Museum

Relief of a Gladiator from Smyrna (marble). Roman / Ashmolean Museum

Gladiator Memorials

marble relief of two female gladiators Relief commemorates the release from service of Amazon and Achillia

Funerary relief for a gladiator named Seilonis. Museum of Ephesus, Turkey. Roman Artifacts

Terracotta figurines of two gladiators, Roman, 1st-2nd CE. The distinctive small

Relief: victorious gladiator

Rome Republican Gladiator Relief

Relief of gladiators fighting lions while being looked upon from the area stands. Gladiator Arena

Gladiators in the Arena, Roman Mosaic, Saarbrucken, Germany Sports Giclee Print - 41 x 41 cm

Rpg, Romans, Pretend Play

Female-gladiator fights appear to have been rare spectacles in the Roman Empire (bronze)

Gladiator relief. Museo della Civilta Romana. This relief from Rome is also in the

Frieze with gladiator figures, 2nd - 3rd century AD, from the necropolis at Kibyra

Tomba della Caccia e della Pesca 520 a.C. Frontone della seconda stanza Tarquinia – Necropoli di

Tiny ivory figurine of a gladiator, Roman, first century CE. The large rectangular

Lucerna The popularity for Romans of gladiatorial games is indicated by the large number of wall

Marble relief fragment with gladiators. Here a retiarius is being pursued by a secutor, and behind them to the left is part of the stage scenery or props ...

Bronze statuette of a gladiator. Edinburgh Scottish National Museum. Gladiator Fights, Gladiator Helmet

Ancient Warfare at the Museum - gladiators!

Gallo-roman museum of Lyon - France Gladiator Fights, Roman Gladiators, Lyon France

Roman Sword, Sword Hilt, Bronze

Gladiator helmet found in Pompeii. National Archaeological Museum, Naples. It is | Alinari Shop

Gladiator pairs on Oillamps

Gladiator Fight Relief Discovered in Ancient Roman City of Nicopolis ad Istrum near Bulgaria's Veliko Tarnovo - Archaeology in Bulgaria

retiarius - Google Search

Gladiator "Secutor", Roman decoration (ivory), c. 3rd century AD

Model of a Secutor

Celtiberian funerary stele of Clunia with inscription in Western Celtiberian writing depicting a rider. 1st

relief from the Perssian palace at Susa 1st century BC - Stock Image

Helmet Armor, Arm Armor, Roman Armor, Medieval Helmets, Medieval Armor, Gladiator

Fragment of a relief, Ancient Egyptian, Ptolemaic period, 1st century BC. Artist

Hilarus Roman Gladiators, Roman Art, Ancient Romans, Gladiators

A # Tarquinia c'è il # patrimonioUnesco delle tombe etrusche affrescate e il Museo di acheologia # VconvegnoAPM # LAZIOisME

Hieroglyphic relief, Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt, 20th Century. - Stock Image

Marble relief of a warrior. Roman, 1st century BC From Rhodes - Stock Image


A relief scene on Trajan's Column in Rome, 2nd-century monument attributed to Apollodorus of Damascus (monochrome graphics by Conrad Cichorius), ...

Sculpture in high relief of gods, c2nd-1st century BC. At the centre

Trajan's Preparations for War Scenes 6-21 - Trajan's Column in Rome Trajan's Column,

ancient Dacians pictures

List of Pinterest gladiators fighting warriors ideas & gladiators fighting warriors photos

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Venatio (Latin: venatio, "hunting", plural venationes) was a form of entertainment in Roman amphitheaters involving the hunting and slaying of wild animals.

Grave Relief of a House Philosopher 1st century BC. N/A 89 Altes Museum

Roman stone plaque decorated in relief, 1st century BC, in the Roman Villa of

Roman marble relief from a commemorative monument to the Battle of Actium (31 BC)

Hadrian and his beloved Antinous, Glyptothek, Munich

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Relief sculpture of Cleopatra VII (69-30 BC), and her son by

Relief sculpture of Cleopatra VII (69-30 BC), and her son by

Head Of State, Tents, Teepees, Tent, Curtains

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Relief of gladiators from Amphitheatre of Mérida, Spain

A royal picnic (detail), from ʿAttar, Intikhab-i Hadiqa, c

Marble, Roman copy of the 1st–2nd centuries

Stela relief depicting a male figure in a pedestal with offerings in a niche. Tanit

Relief depicting the portrait of the two deceased spouses. Museum of

A flask depicting the final phase of the fight between a murmillo (winning) and a thraex

Relief from the chapel of king Amanitenmemide protected by the goddess Isis. Sandstone. 1st

Statue of Hadrian in military garb, wearing the civic crown and muscle cuirass, from Antalya, Turkey

Bas-relief of Cleopatra, Caesarion, Temple of Hathor, Dendara in Egypt,

Giacobbe Giusti, Temple of Concord

Emperor Valens (328-378) Brother of Valentinian I.Husband to Albia Dominica


Augustus was the first emperor of Rome. For those of you who read Shakespeare's Julius

Inscribed funerary relief of Aurelius Hermia and his wife Aurelia Philematium. 80 BC. From

3.53a–d Reliefs found in San Omobono/via della Consolazione and environs, ca. 146 (?), fragments A–D. Rome, Musei Capitolini, Centrale Montemartini, ...

"A statue of the Emperor Trajan, the only Roman Emperor of Southern Mesopotamia and Babylonia. In 113 CE, Trajan initiated a victorious military campaign ...

Ivory Relief. Hunting Scene.

Battle of Turin

Statue of Hadrian as pontifex maximus, dated 130–140 AD, from Rome, Palazzo Nuovo, Capitoline Museums

Today in History - Feb 19, 0197 - Roman Emperor, Lucius Septimius Severus,

Relief from an honorary monument of Hadrian (detail), showing the emperor being greeted by the goddess Roma and the Genii of the Senate and the Roman People ...

Mahmud Ghazan CE Khan of Il Khanate (Mongol Empire)) Studying the Holy Qur'aan CE Jami' al-Tawarikh ("Compendium of Histories"); Tabriz, Persia, Il Khanate, ...

Sepulchral relief depicting the spouse Diodemes and Sekunda. 2nd century AD. Roman. Marble

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Bust of Emperor Trajan wearing the civic crown and the aegis, symbol of divine power and world domination, Glyptothek, Munich

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Endal, Humakti Bodyguard to Brokat, from Whitewall, Trilus, Balazar Fantasy Rpg,

Trajan's Column - Reading an Ancient Comic Strip

Double Comb: Scenes from the Story of Joseph, mid-sixteenth century. Ivory, probably of flemish origin.

Antinous portrayed as Dionysus in a relief from the area between Anzio et Lanuvium

ancient Dacians pictures

Campo Santo of Pisa. Giovanni Pisano.

L'emperador romà Titus, Musei Vaticani, Roma Roman emperor Titus, Musei Vaticani

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