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Top view in ancient worn papyrus basket Medieval Illuminated

Top view in ancient worn papyrus basket Medieval Illuminated


Beautifully illuminated Hebrew manuscript of the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides, dated between 1451 and 1475.

590v - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

Illuminated manuscript - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jewish History, Jewish Art, Religious Art

Miscellany on the life of St. Edmund, MS M.736 fol. 14r - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

Eadwine the Scribe at Work Unknown Artist, circa 1160-70 Eadwine Psalter - Cathedral

Book of Kells Now Free to View Online. Book Of KellsMedieval Manuscript Illuminated ...

418v - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

Medieval baskets, illuminated manuscript Baskets, coopered items and wattle fence all in one picture

Fragment of the Gospel of Thomas on papyrus. Tracy Pinkard · Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Giclee Print: Shop with Butter Bread and Two Women from Tacuinum Sanitatis : 24x16in Giclee

“The torture of the Jewish mothers”, Billedet Hedder, from the Speculum historiale (BNF Fr.

68. Cambridge Corpus Christi 183 f. 1v

252v - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

Lady hunting Yates Thompson f.

Illuminated manuscript - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Camelot Castle, Medieval Manuscript, Illuminated Manuscript

Varaha avatara of Visnu. Panjabi manuscript Credit: Wellcome Collection.


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164r - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

8_MS 286 f. 129v (20MB)

242v - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts




Plate VIII


Add MS 47683 f. 1v G70059-77

Monk dying wool, 1575.


Finding of Moses


Detail from The Luttrell Psalter, British Library Add MS 42130 (medieval manuscript,1325

1) Deciphering Secrets: The Illuminated Manuscripts of Medieval Europe Offered By “University of

Pāli Canon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Papyrus letter in Greek | Roman, Egyptian | Late Imperial | The Met. Ancient World HistoryMedieval ...

A palm leaf manuscript in Nandinagari script. | Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts | Pinterest | Illuminated manuscript, Script and Palm

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floral decoration


Purple parchment

(Early) medieval tunic Clovis, natural-brown

Unicorn Head

Harley MS 4951, f. 299v E123871

A pictographic list of titles and professions in ancient Sumeria (top), with the

Charon's obol



An Egyptian papyrus, from between 1500 and 1300 BC, offers a method for diagnosing

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Mixing saffron Painted-out medieval blues

Augustine's “Confessions” and the Harmony of Faith and Reason : Strange Notions

Hamzanama V&A-crop

Figure 2 Coiled circular basket and lid, ea 5392, under visible illumination (left

A side-view of the Warka Vase, before the invasion of Iraq. (

Left (f.49v): a royal feast showing Bahram Gur in the upper register, offering a cup to the lady seated on his right. Below, musicians are seen playing on a ...

Biblical account[edit]

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Achilles sacrificing to Zeus from the Ambrosian Iliad. (View Larger)

A page from the Book of Hours, a medieval volume of prayers, one of 30,000 religious items Steve Green has collected. Credit Mark Graham for The New York ...

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From the Golden Haggadah [ca], Catalonia, c. 1320

A folio from the Ashburnham Pentateuch depicting Cane and Abel. (View larger)


Medieval Mappa Mundi, Stolen during an Auction

Ancient Torture Facts

Silk painting depicting a man riding a dragon, painting on silk, dated to 5th-3rd century BC, Warring States period, from Zidanku Tomb no.

Villa of the Papyri

A folio from the Bern Physiologus. (View Larger)

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The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry was the most important illuminated manuscript of the 15th century. The blue was the extravagantly expensive ...

Ancient Greek mosaic from Antioch dating to the second century AD, depicting the Judgement of Paris

Hypostyle Hall, Karnak.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Myths and Legends - Ancient Egypt, by Lewis Spence.

bird mosaic

Figure 3 Coiled basket from Beni Hasan e.121.1903 before treatment (© The Fitzwilliam


Folio 11 of the Codex Aureus, inscribed in Old English. (View Larger)

A depiction of the Donation of Constantine in the Apostolic Palace, Vatican City, by

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C11404-06a Add 18851 f. 13 detail

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Fig. 23. Interior of a School. After a Design of the Sixteenth Century. National Library. Cabinet of Designs (Old Masters) on Wood. ...

Frontispiece—Dwelling Room of a French Chateau

Ancient Egypt Facts

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066.jpg Negro Prisoners Wearing the Panther's Skist As A Loin-cloth.

89. Now you know how it feels.

A Medieval Encyclopedia, of which the Autograph Manuscript Survived