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Verdun 1916 The soldiers in the trenches suffered horribly from

Verdun 1916 The soldiers in the trenches suffered horribly from


Verdun, 1916. The soldiers in the trenches suffered horribly from thirst.

German and French soldiers fought for every last metre of ground, making it the longest

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French Colonial Soldiers (Moroccans) at the Battle of Verdun, 1916.


The Battle of Verdun was designed to bleed France white. It did, and Germany

Actions of St. Eloi Craters. Troops of the Northumberland Fusiliers, 3rd Division,

A French soldier in the Battle of Verdun pictured in an advanced trench protected by barbed

WW1, Battle of Verdun, 1916. Dismounted German Hussars holding 1st line trenches.

Royal Irish Rifles, Somme 1916 (photo:UK Government)

Satan the messenger dog who helped Allies turn tide of Great War remembered 100 years on - Mirror Online

French troops working with a mortar piece ion the battlefield. Prince Max of Baden later

French soldiers launch an attack from their trenches during the Battle of Verdun in 1916 |

Troops in the trenches around the fortress of Verdun preparing for attack. The German soldier

French troops manning a captured German Maxim MG 08 machine gun (mounted on a sledge

The machine gun emerged as a decisive weapon during World War I. Picture: British Vickers machine gun crew on the Western Front.

French trench at Côte 304 Verdun 1916

New Zealand troops move up toward Gravenstafel Spur, 13 October 1917 (ATL, 1/2-012933-G)

The Battle of Verdun was designed to bleed France white. It did, and Germany

1916 - French soldier is shot during a counter attack during the siege of Verdun

The Battle of Verdun was designed to bleed France white. It did, and Germany

One hundred years ago, on February 21, 1916 - a Monday - the first

French soldiers preparing hand grenades in a trench

Images de Verdun

Why did Germany not achieve victory at Verdun in 1916?

Wounded Allied soldiers lie on stretchers near the village of Ginchy, waiting for evacuation by

A British soldier covers a dead German on the firestep of a trench near the Somme

Logo Anzacs in France 1916

The Butcher's Bill of 1916: Europe's Blood-Drenched Year of Horror

German soldiers Battle of Marne WWI.jpg

Changes in German Military Strategy (1914-1918) – "How were the military strategies in Germany influenced by World War One, and how did these strategies ...

Italian soldiers leave a trench to begin an assault, 1917.

Photo taken in an Australian dressing station near Ypres, Belgium in 1917. The wounded soldier with the bandaged left arm in the lower left of the photo has ...

WW1, Battle of Verdun 1916, Cote 304. -img/dessins-photos histoire de france…

1916 - Aisne - Grenade launcher, Waffen, Ww1 History, Military History, Wwii

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Battle of the Somme. British troops negotiate a trench ...

WW1 - French soldiers - Verdun 1916

Soldiers from both sides(the French and the Germans)exchange cheerful conversation

Mealtime in the trenches, winter 1916. Photo: Legion magazine archives.

Les Français à Verdun - 1916 … French Army, World War One, Verdun 1916

WWI Defenders Fort Vaux 1916.jpg

The Battle of Verdun was so bloody men called it the MEAT-GRINDER | Daily Mail Online

Men of the Wiltshire Regiment attacking near Thiepval, 7 August 1916, during the Battle of the Somme. Photo taken by Ernest Brooks.

French infantry moving into position during World War I.

WWI, 1916; German soldier in a trench near Verdun. -Bridgeman Images Battle

The western front on February 1916

After hard fighting at Verdun in 1916 and in the Champagne in 1917 the I.R. 159 found itself in line to the Northwest of Epoye, opposite a French position ...

The last battle on the Somme

French soldiers pictured resting during their defence of Verdun. Prince Max of Baden, who

Fallen French soldier in a trench near the village of Haumont north of Verdun 1916

British push forward

The battle that raged for ten terrible months: Soldiers wait in the trenches as they

WW1 1916, French infantry after recaptured Fort Douaumont, Battle of Verdun… Ww1 Soldiers

Allied soldiers with captured prisoners of war after the battle of Amiens during the First World

1914: A French air-torpedo being fired from the trenches World War One,

View image of Trails through France's Red Zone follow the trenches dug by soldiers during World War One's 300-day Battle of Verdun (Credit: Credit: Melissa ...

1916. Verdun.The attack started on the right bank of the

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Bären HunGER Ich lerne vom Leben. Ich lerne solange ich lebe. S

On 22 April 1915, during the second battle of Ypres, the Germans released 168 tonnes of chlorine gas over a four mile front, in the first gas attack of the ...

German Machine gun white

1 July 1916: the beginning of the Battle of the Somme

Newfoundland Soldiers in St. John's Road Support Trench, July 1, 1916

Battle of Gallipoli

The attack on Verdun (the Germans code-named it 'Judgment') came about because of a plan by the German Chief of General Staff, von Falkenhayn.

Armed German soldiers

The Battle of Verdun was designed to bleed France white. It did, and Germany

American Expeditionary Forces in France passing British men resting on a roadside

In July the French renewed their counterattack at Verdun, but after suffering severe casualties with no gains to show for it, the attack was called off.

The Battle of Verdun was designed to bleed France white. It did, and Germany

A captured soldier suffering from Shell Shock, The Somme, 1916

Devastated Verdun after the bombardments of 1916

The Start of World War 1: The Outbreak of the Great War

Battle of the Somme, July 1, 1916

British Field Gun white

A battalion of Annamese workers going to the front, near Villers Bretonneux, May 6, 1918.

Parasites and diseases in the trenches of World War I

Douaumont Fort in 1916

Australian infantry with gas masks, Ypres, 1917.

Presentation on theme: "Trench Battles 1916 The Battle of Verdun and the Battle of the Somme."— Presentation transcript: 1 Trench Battles 1916 The Battle of ...

III. First American Combat and First American Combat Deaths

Troops of the 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) under shrapnel

A group of German soldiers around a Christmas snowman

WWI, French soldiers with a trench mortar

Map of the Verdun Battlefield

... Indian bicycle troops Somme 1916 IWM Q 3983.jpg