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Waska Tatay Masks t Mascaras Cultura and Medicina

Waska Tatay Masks t Mascaras Cultura and Medicina


... Thomas Rousset and graphic designer Raphaël Verona took a trip to Bolivia to encounter a magical world of doctors, spiritual healers and medicine men.

Imbando Clan Mask

House of Malakai

Zapatec mask. Hand painted polychrome on wood. c. 1960-1970. Vintage Mexican

Widow © Josué Castro Dominatrix, Gas Masks, Creepy Masks, Leather Mask, Fashion

Mask #CapitolCoutureCollection Mens Fashion, Fashion Art, Fashion Design, Editorial Fashion, Elmo

Northern New Ireland mask

... Rousset and Raphaël Verona photographed the region's spiritual healers, medicine men, and witch doctors, in the photographic series titled “Waska Tatay”

Hanuman Monkey mask, Indian folk art, Southern India

Bolivian China Supay mask, beginning of the 20th century Pink carnival mask representing a face

A Hidden Place, the anonymous designer behind the in-demand UK electronic producer's SBTRKT mask and album covers.

Northwest Art - native mask woodcarvings and sculpture - Arctic Raven Gallery - Friday Harbor, Washington


David © Josué Castro Creative Photos, Art Gallery, Contemporary Art, Photography, Masks

mud mask, Watabung Tribesman, Papua New Guinea by Malcolm Kirk

Africa | Mask from the Boki people of Nigeria | Wood; facial area covered in

Mask "karikpo" Nigeria, Ogoni African Masks, African Art, Art Tribal,

Mask, Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe, Sucre, Bolivia Latin America, South

Masque heaume au lézard - Yoruba NIGERIA- Lizard helmet mask. - MC0406 African Tribal

Collectible Tibetan wall mountable Citipati Mask

Character Design, Textiles, Paul Klee, Ad Hoc, Fursuit, Anthropology, Folklore

waska tatay Photo Series, Photo Book, Mystic, Spiritual Healer, Witch Doctor,


waska tatay Witch Doctor, Verona, Doctors, Photography Series, Travel Photography, Spiritual

Masks by Thomas Rousset Charles Freger, Sui Géneris, Witchcraft, Magick, Mystic,

Wellcome Collection and Library- Wellcome Collection, Medicine Man gallery © Rama Knight, 2007

I don't know what this is, but I like it Film Noir,

Thomas Rousset Raphaël Verona: Waska Tatay "GB: How did the witches respond to

Portraits mask #Mask Nice Art, Cool Art, Art Pictures,


Art Crush: Masked Denim

BOLIVIA | Bolivian Mask - Parade Moreno mask from La Paz, Bolivia

+ Thorsten Brinkmann


Waska Tatay, photographer Thomas Rousset Imágenes Retro, Mascaras, Cultura, Espacio, Maquillaje

Songye Kalebwe Kifwebe (mask) from south East D.R.Congo African Masks, African Art

Beaded fringe again Black Masquerade Mask, Photo Class, Dark Images, Masks Art,

Calendar of Feasts in Puno

Swiss artist Marie Rime creates masks and armor using recycled objects like board game pieces,

Stacey Rozich New Hair Colors, Exciting News, Something To Do, The 4

Joji Kojima Sandro, Mask Design, Cyberpunk Fashion, Eyewear, Cool Stuff, Leather

Kwakiutl Mask Native American Photos, Native American Tribes, Native American History, Native Indian


Neo Tribal Mask by Studio Bertjan Pot - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.

Oeuf nyc kids fun winter fashion collection for 2012 by Lee Clower Diy Bat Costume,

1933) presents the very powerful witchdoctor's mask 'Wene-

Rimes, a Swiss photographer began creating these intricate masks out of pieces ...

Tom Darracott // Mask Design Typo, Layout Design, Print Design, Design Art

Friedrich, Verse, Switzerland, Folk, Weird, Alps, Masks, Savages, Top

Mask, pre-1913, Coastal Ungava, sealskin and sinew Inuit Art, Indigenous

mexican mask

Handmade Raccoon Mask by CaptainCat Animal Masks, Raccoon Costume, Raccoon Mask

Peru Travel Info: El magnífico arte de las máscaras de la diablada La Tirana,


horse mask

the spirit of the masks

Mi Careta el 1er año - Fraternidad Artística Cultural La Diablada - Oruro Bolivia

Save Venice Parties Incognito

George Rodger/Magnum, Children of the Wagogo Tribe, bearing masks typical of the circumcision ceremony, Tanzanie, 1947

/Remedios Varo wearing a mask made by Leonora Carrington and Kati

African Masks, African Art, Venice Mask, Art Premier, Venetian Masks, Tribal Art, Art Google, Headdress, Lofts

Kahn & Selesnick Close Image, Art Inspo, Character Design, Direction, Arrow Keys

burkina faso African Art, African Masks, African Dance, Le Monde, Art Tribal

Mask, 2002, by Louise Bourgeois, Louise Bourgeois, Women's Beauty, Art Direction

Máscara De Papel Mache Peruana Cusco

Bolivian diablo devil mask Mask Painting, Diablo, Totems, American Art, Chile,

Kahn & Selesnick Diane Arbus, Tumblr, Art Projects, Artsy, Fine Art,

Wonderful Amazing Old Antique Tibetan Buddhism Ritual Gilded Copper Mask

Child's dog mask, Tejorones Dance, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mascara Pintura, Chain, Costumes, Food, Headdress, Folklore, Postcards, Body

Careto de Grijo de Parada, Bragança, Portugal. Mascara Pintura ...

Fiber Art Exhibition Explores Body Image In Los Angeles

Jarramplas del Piornal (Cáceres) by carlos gonzález ximénez, via Flickr Les Religions,

April 2013

Yoruba gelede Headdress 21X

Photographer / Charlotte Mano


“Shaman's Ensemble 18th Century Evenks People, Siberia Collection of the University of Göttingen via

The Raven Mask


Bolivian Devil Mask for folklore dance.

Careta de Diablo #DiabladaEsDeBolivia

Fiesta de la Vinajera de Silió (Cantabria)

Mexican Folk Art Mask- Bull.

A bear mask used in the Diablada dance - Bolivia Bear Mask, Group Art,

Kukeri: The masquerade rituals in Bulgaria. The whole costume is intended to be as

Find a New Life for Your Old Cardboard with these Geometric DIY Halloween Masks

Oso como parte complementaria de la Diablada

Máscara 1 | El Inofensivo Chico Larva

D. R. Congo, Ituri. Provenance Peter Loebarth, Hameln, Germany Wolfgang Nerlich, Munich

©Francois d'Elbee Commenting about his study on the Chokwe masks : “.in the context of ritual initiation, ancestral spirits may assume the form of masks to ...

The African Art Collection at the de Young Museum Indigenous Art, Tribal Art, Picasso

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Benin's Voodoo heartland

Made in Paris

Cyril Hatt's Mickey Mouse | stapled photographic paper. Mouse Mask, Masks Art, French

Bejeweled Facial Masks

Masks, by Bertjan Pot Elmo, Textiles, Masks Art, Contemporary Art, Contemporary

Kasia Struss photographed by Paolo Roversi - AnOther Magazine: Spring/Summer 2008 Fashion Photography