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ZANGAKI Sphinx t Auction

ZANGAKI Sphinx t Auction


C. & G. Zangaki (active 1870-1880) - Sphinx and pyramid

Egypt: Views of Egypt Photographer: Pascal Sebah and Zangaki. Views of Egypt. 1880s/90s. 19 album

Hippolyte Arnoux & Zangaki - Egypte et Canal de Suez. Album with original photographs -

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The Sphinx, circa 1930'a

The Sphinx of Giza -- Its Nose, Lips, Gender, and Ethnicity -- www.SphinxOfGiza.com 1929

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Archaeological finds, ancient artifacts, unexplained mysteries and historical events which intrigue us. Immerse yourself in the mysterious ancient past.

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Attr. H. Arnoux et C & G. Zangaki - Pacha et son harem

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old vintage photos of egypt 1870 1875 30 Rare Photos of Egypt from the 1870s

In this vintage photo taken some time between 1860 and 1929, we see the Great Sphinx of Giza with the Pyramid of Khufu in the background.

Old Egypt, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Luxor, Le Sphinx, Sphinx Egypt

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The Great Sphinx of Giza. Egypt

Zangaki Brothers (19th century) - Sainte Veronique, Jerusalem

The Great Sphinx of Giza (c. 2540 B.C.) is built by King Khafre - Google zoeken

Zangaki Brothers (XIX) - Egypt

C. & G. Zangaki (active 1870-1880) - Epicerie arabe,

The Giant Sphinx of Giza in the 19th century. Egyptian Alphabet, Egyptian Art,

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The Great Sphinx 1922 - 1933

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C. & G. Zangaki (active 1870-1880) - Sphinx and pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

C. & G. Zangaki (active 1870-1880) - woman fellahine of

Sphinx ("Sphynx Armachis") and Dream Stela. ca 1880 (Egypt) Photographer: Zangaki

Zangaki Brothers (active around 1870-1875 and 1880-1899) – Ancient photographs

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Ancient Egypt Pyramid & Sphinx 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo Ancient Egypt Pyramid & Sphinx 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo Here is a neat collectible featuring a ...

C. & G. Zangaki (active 1870-1880) - merchants of sugarcane

Title of photo: Pyramide de Cheops le Sphinx et le temple de Chefre Photographer: Zangaki Date of photo: 1894 Location of Photo: New York Public Library ...

Cairo c 1890 Photo Zangaki brothers Ancient Art, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Sphinx

Colombo, Aden, Port-Said by H. Arnoux & Zangaki Photography .

the great sphinx, egypt Ancient Art, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Sphinx Egypt

Sphinx Egypte, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Ancient Aliens, Art History, Le

C. & G. Zangaki (active from 1870 to 1880) - Veiled woman on her Mashrabiya, Arab party of Moulet el Neby, merchants of bread, street of Jerusalem and Holy ...

Zangaki at the Sphinx 1870/1880 period

C. & G. Zangaki (active 1870-1880) - peasant family in

Giza Sphinx during World War II 1942

Ancient Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Egyptians, Ancient Civilizations, Sphinx Egypt

His Marmoreal Calm

Egyptian Pyramid/ buried Sphinx Sphinx Egypt, Ancient Egypt History, Ancient Egyptian Art,

Sphinx, with the restoration scaffolding of Emile Baraize, looking northwest, Dec 26, 1925

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... Mashable uncovered and published timeless photos that were taken some time between 1870 and 1890 by Greek photographer brothers C. and G. Zangaki.

Relish Giza Pyramids Tour, World Tour Advice purvey innumerable exemplar tours to scout Giza pyramids, Half day tour To Giza pyramids and Sphinx, ...

Pyramids of Egypt

Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Art, Modern Egypt, Pyramids Of Giza, Ancient History,

The Great Sphinx of Giza, The Pyramids of Chefren and Mykerinos by Lehnert & Landrock

THE ROMANTIC AGONY 56 AUCTION Catalogue (II) 20 juin by Serge Plantureux - issuu

Egyptian Art --SCULPTURE-- The Sphinx is the largest monolith statue in the world, standing 241 ft long. The Great Pyramid is the oldest of the Seven ...

Large World War One photograph of British & Indian Sikh soldier group in front of the Sphinx, Egypt, 23cm x 28cm. Circa 1914/1918.

The Great Sphinx of Giza before excavation, 1921 photo by Donald McLeish. From the photographic archive of #NationalGeographic.

The Sphinx And The Great Pyramid, Egypt Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Ancient Artifacts

The age of the Sphinx is still being hotly debated and as yet there appears to

The Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza, outside Cairo, Egypt Ancient History,

Ancient history

The Great Sphinx, probably during the clearance in 1886. Sebah, J. P., Giza

The Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt - by GiovanniG. Cairo Egypt, Egyptian Mythology,

The Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt

19 Древнее Искусство, Древний Египет, Древняя История, Viajes, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты,

S10.08 Gizeh, image 9937 - Great Sphinx of Giza - Wikipedia Ancient Aliens

Sphinx – Pyramids – Egypt

THE GREAT SPHINX: a hole in the Head (now cemented since 1925). What was it purpose?

One of the oldest photos of the Great Sphinx, 1880.

C. & G. Zangaki (active from 1870 to 1880) - Street in

Winston Churchill,Clementine Churchill,T. Lawrence and Gertrude Bell on camels in front of the Sphinx at Giza,Egypt on 15 February 🌹

C. & G. Zangaki (active 1870-1875) - English steamer on

A rare backside view of the Great Sphinx of Giza that features a giant.

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Feu de camp au pied du Sphinx Campfire at the foot of the Sphinx By Georges

Japanese Samurai Meet the Sphinx, 1863 | JAPAN | Samurai, History, Japanese

17 Вокруг Света, Мауи, Туристические Направления, Места Отдыха На Праздники, Каир,

Bonfils, Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, ca. 1870 - ca. 1898.

Image is loading 19th-Century-Albumen-Egyptian-Two-Women-Vendors-by-

Great Sphinx of Giza | Stunning Places #Places Places To Travel, Places To See

Sacred mystery: the photographers obsessed with the crumbling sphinx


fotos Zangaki egypte 1890-1900 (13)

Détails sur Zangaki, Egypte, fellah, vendeuses de fruits Vintage albumen print, Egypte Tir

grandegyptianmuseum: “ Egypt - The Sphinx. Postcard published early twentieth century. ” Ancient

Members of Ikeda Nagaoki's Japanese Mission to Europe in front of the Sphinx, Egypt, 1864. Albumen print.


Old Egypt, Ancient Egypt, Eye Of Horus, Old Pictures, Old Photos,

The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, photograph by C. Zangaki ca. 1880 Ancient

pho t ogr a ph y auc t ion 112

Men posing by Sphinx antique albumen photo Egypt

The Sphinx Cairo, Egypt - Unfortunately, the great sphinx has deteriorated over the millennia

Vue du Sphinx et de la seconde pyramide, prise du levant.

Temple of Horus at Behdet (Edfu)

*SPHINX CARVED GRANITE SLAB: Uncovering Secrets of the Sphinx. According to the legend

Did the Pyramids, Sphinx and Cairo Museum the first time mum and I visited Egypt

1890 H. Arnoux Le sphinx Sphinx Egypt, Ancient Egypt

Profile view of Sphinx. Giza, Egypt. 1900-1920 Древнее Искусство, Древние