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Artmirrorsart Jacob Matham Venus c1600 Mirrors in art

Artmirrorsart Jacob Matham Venus c1600 Mirrors in art


art-mirrors-art: Jacob Matham - Venus (c.1600) Espejos

Hendrick Goltzius After, Jacob Matham, - Fortitudo - Catawiki

Magdalena penitent Jacob Matham, 1571-1631, Engraving after Goltzius, "

caritas liefde Jacob Matham 1597

Albrecht Dürer | Satyr Family | 1505 Renaissance Art, Medieval Art, Cleveland Museum Of

Boetvaardige Maria Magdalena, in profiel, Jacob Matham, 1607 - 1612

Hendrick Goltzius | Bacchus, Ceres en Venus, Hendrick Goltzius, 1595 | Nachtstuk met Bacchus, Ceres, Venus en Cupido. Geplaatst in ovaal, Latijnse tekst ...


Jacob Matham | Rechtvaardigheid (Justitia), Jacob Matham, Franco Estius, 1593…

Jacob Matham After Hendrick Goltzius The Seven Virtues, 1588 (Harvard Art… Akhilleus,

Magdalena penitent Jacob Matham, 1571-1631, Engraving after Goltzius, " | spranger & goltzius & de gheyn & von aachen | Madeleine, Gustave dore, Occult

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Hoop, Jacob van Matham, 1597, "Haar hebben wij als een anker der ziel" Paulus…

Jacob Matham | Kracht (Fortitudo), Jacob Matham, Anonymous, Hendrick Goltzius…

Hendrik Goltzius, mogelijk een leerling van Willem van Tetrode

Jacob Matham (Dutch; 1571–1631) after Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem (Dutch; 1562–1638) ca. 1591. Engraving Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Voorzichtigheid (Prudentia), Jacob Matham, 1601 - 1652


Jacob Matham | Gulzigheid (Gula), Jacob Matham, Anonymous, Hendrick Goltzius, 1593 | Personificatie van gulzigheid, verbeeld als een dik vrouwenfiguur met ...

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Faith, Hope and Charity, Jacob Matham, 1590 | Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Renesanssi

Tom Poulton

Jacob Matham nach Hendrick Goltius Die sieben Tugenden: Die Gerechtigkeit Chen, Taidegrafiikka

Georg Pencz | Artemisia drinkt het as van haar man Mausolus, Georg Pencz, 1537

Woede (Ira), Jacob Matham, after Hendrick Goltzius, 1593 - Rijksmuseum

The Virgin and Child with the Parrot Sebald Beham (German, Nuremberg Frankfurt) Artist: After Barthel Beham (German, Nuremberg ca. Italy) Date: 1549 Medium: ...

Hans Sebald Beham

Prints and Drawings Illustration, Medieval, Erotic Art, Museum, Sculpture, Older Women

"Aritmetica" by Jan Sedeler after Marten de Vos

Cornelis Cort | Het gevoel (Tactus), Cornelis Cort, Hieronymus Cock, 1561 | Personificatie van het Gevoel: een vrouw zit op de grond, aan de oever van een ...

Jacob Matham | Hoop (spes), Jacob Matham, Franco Estius, 1593 |

Isaac Israels - At the fashion house (c.1915)

Jacob Mathau, Adam and Eve, engraving, date unknown

Anton Otto Fischer - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, Published by John C. Winston ~ 1932

Oude vrouw voor een spiegel, met twee dienstmeiden, Moses ter Borch, ca.


Jacob Matham | Luiheid (Acedia), Jacob Matham, Franco Estius, 1593 |

Matigheid (Temperantia), Jacob Matham, Hendrick Goltzius, Cornelius Schonaeus, 1597 - Rijksmuseum | Hendrick Goltzius,, 2019 | Drawings, Pretty art ve ...

Etchings | Tumblr

1500s Fashion, Arte Medieval, Art Institute Of


1578-1582 and/or 1658-1709, Hoop, Hendrick Goltzius,after

Gierigheid (Avaritia), Jacob Matham, after Hendrick Goltzius, 1593 - Rijksmuseum

Matigheid (Temperantia), Jacob Matham, Hendrick Goltzius, Cornelius Schonaeus, 1597 - Rijksmuseum

A line began to form at the most submissive sissy.The classmates hadn't any relief since the start of the sissy training school year.

1578 - 1582 and/or 1658 - 1709,Liefde, Hendrick Goltzius, after

Fever Dreams

Horae ad usum Parisiensem ou Petites heures de Jean de Berry.

The Seven Deadly Sins by Jacques Callot, 1621 Advanced Higher Art


female figure, WL, holding a broken column, in a niche, 1593 Engraving

selene=Luna Print made by Monogrammist IB 1528 British Museum

Nouveau Journal des Dames, 1821, Pl. 9 : Robe de Cachemire.

Jeremias Falck (1610-1677). Mirror MirrorArtArt ...

This lady wears gown with full skirt, tight bodice and puff sleeves. Also she has feather as a part of her hairstyle.

Chanel hat - GICLEE fine art print. A4 or 8x11,5 inches

Okumura Toshinobu, woman with a mirror, 1728 - 173

Virtudes Cardinales,Templanza, Sir Edward Burne Jones. Paloma Suárez William Morris, Edward

Egon Schiele; Selbstportrait mit an die Brust gelegten Händen, 1910 Gouache, Klimt Tattoo

Progress of the Toilet, plates 3 dress completed, by James Gillray, published February

Art - Goût - Beauté, Feuillets de l' élégance féminine, Noël 1928,

from Art Mirrors Art · Edgar Degas - Madame Jeantaud in the mirror (1875)

TICMUSart: Allegory of the Vices - Correggio (1530) Antiguidade Clássica, Tag Arte

Isaac Israëls - At the seamstresses (1912)

Citharista. Fresco in room 30 (diaeta) adjoining the large portico. Mid-

from Art Mirrors Art · Pierre-Louis Pierson - La Psyché (c.1860)

Old Master Drawings: 16th-Century Italian Drawings, Pietro Buonnocorsi Watercolor Architecture, Art

Allegory of Prudence Fabre, Renaissance Paintings, Renaissance Art, Art Studios, Montpellier,

Seven of Cups meaning: Fantasies. Artwork from Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse, The Charmer

Leonardo da Vinci - "Allegory of Statecraft" ( Justice and Prudence ) wich alludes to the political state of Milan

Earthly Delights. Tim Walker. Love Magazine, verão 16

"La Veue", Abraham Bosse, Le Blond, ca. 1612 - ca.

Jan Harmensz Muller a

Hendrick Goltzius | Judith with the Head of Holofernes | The Met

Oto Sampedro

Crispijn van de Passe (I) | Avond, Crispijn van de Passe (I), 1574 - 1637 | Nis met de mannelijke personificatie van de Avond. In zijn hand houdt hij een ...

Tini voor de spiegel in Jacob's studeerkamer, Jacob Olie Jr, ca. 1909 -

Art and Literature by William-Adolphe Bouguereau Museu De Arte, Arte Renascentista, Arte


VIII - La justice - Tarot d'or Botticelli par Atanas Alessandro Atanassov Justice Tarot

Art - Goût - Beauté, Feuillets de l' élégance féminine, Novembre 1928,

TICMUSart: Allegory of the Virtues – Correggio (1530) Renascimento Italiano, Antiguidade Clássica

Adriaen Collaert | De Kananese vrouw, Adriaen Collaert, Philips Galle, Cornelis Kiliaan,

van Leyden Prudence, from the series The Seven Virtues.Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Kai Fine Art

Mirrors in art

Roman Fresco Excavated From The Ruins Of Herculaneum -- Depicts Cupids Playing With A Lyre

Prudence (Die Firsichtikait), from The Seven Virtues

Spring Song

Artemis Dreaming

Dadaist collagist–turned-photographer, Erwin Blumenfeld

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