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Hottchoco ookamihanta Cole Ahh I see youre a man of

Hottchoco ookamihanta Cole Ahh I see youre a man of


Cole by xen1231.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

no more ghosts " ( art by ookamihanta on tumblr: ookamihanta.tumblr.com )

Oh my poor Cole are you ok? Cole: NO BROOKLYN NO I AM NOT

#Ninjago drawing by ookamihanta Ninjago Cole, Lego Ninjago, Animated Cartoons, Ninjas,

Cole and Jay LOOKS AWESOME!! And no shipping it!! #TheLegoNinjagoMovie

Cole #NinjagoSonsOfGarmadon. Art by: ?

ookamihanta: “Two types of pebbles.

Jay and Cole #NinjagoSonsOfGarmadon

Cole #TheLegoNinjagoMovie

Zane is the heart of the ninja

Cole Brookstone · Nya: wow Jay":what? Ashely: oh get a room lloyd:

You know when you're obsessed with Ninjago when you wish you were there with the ninja. *crys i want to live in Ninjago!!!

#NinjagoMovie drawing by AskKaiFlame < < I dunno bout y'all but I am loving Zane in the back okay (also Cole is hot af)

Image result for human ninjago cole

Cole chibi by

Seliel x Cole #Ninjago

Cole and his cool new scar (*^▽^)b --Ninjago--

Howdy dandy, @ookamihanta 🌸🌸✨✨👌👌👌❤ ❤ !!!

ookamihanta. Finished.. some requests today since I couldn't last night. :'/

Erraday - Ninjago Cole

And once again Lloyd is in the middle of things even though he is possessed by Morro for like half the season

Wow guys, the new NInjago movie looks great!

Abusing the luminosity effect on sai?? Yup. A tumblr request

Skylor- Lego Art- me Do not use in any way | Ninjago | Pinterest | Lego ninjago, Lego and Art

Princess Harumi (i don't really like her) artist's unknown #legonijago #

#Ninjago drawing by ookamihanta Little Kid Shows, Kids Shows, Lego Movie, Lego

Jay #Ninjago this is so beautiful and sad

Cole, Kai and Dareth #Ninjago

hottchoco: “ookamihanta: “““ Cole! “ ” ” Ahh, I

Just Another Day In Ninjago

Art by: OokamiHanta

"You found the scroll?" "Uh, no, but I did find my dad's trophy.

Zane, Cole, Kai, Jay and Lloyd #Ninjago

Morro deserved better " ( art by ookamihanta on tumblr: ookamihanta.tumblr.com )

Genderbend - Seliel і Colea по Squira130 Lego Ninjago Movie, Ninjago Cole, Fandoms,

“Don't give up; the beginning is always the hardest„

The anatomy is all fucked up but whatever. (C)OokamiHanta/x3thanXx Lego

I know it's pretty late but I have been waiting for a Ninjago Halloween one! And it's the movie characters!! I love the Ninjago Movie!!❣️

Seliel and her and Cole's son Xian < < < Even though it's impossible to be born with unnatural hair color but okay XD

crappy doodle of that funny text post from @ookamihanta !!!

Little Kid Shows, Kids Shows, Lego Ninjago, Like You, Spin, Daddy

Seliel, Nya, Harumi and Pixal #Ninjago #NinjagoSonsOfGarmadon Notice there hair styles from

Amazing Ninjago Morro fan art by Sissel.g (@sissel.g on Instagram)

Anime awesome poor Cole.... Find ...

Warm embrace by ViridEntity

Cole and the baby #NinjagoSonsOfGarmadon Ninjago Cole, Lego Ninjago Movie, Little Kid Shows

Cole and his mixed feelings Ninjago Cole, Lego Ninjago, Ninjago Memes, Versión Anime

“One bad chapter doesn't mean end of story„ ] ⚪#

City of Ninjas by DrawingInterest Ahh I remember the first season this aired. Kai,

Lego Ninjago colored by Jelli76

By ookamihanta Ninja Art, Kids Shows, Lego Ninjago, Art Tips, Character Ideas

I just saw that Cole had a bunch of chocolate cake on the back of that dragon | my boy side | Ninjago cole, Lego ninjago, Cake

Cole with the baby #NinjagoSonsOfGarmadon

I posted this for Micky. (She's smiling right now. Oop! Now she's

Jay and Cole #Ninjago

ookamihanta: “Two types of fire.

Altruism: finally being happy for what you have Envy: wanting what if he people

SOMEONE MADE IT INTO A GIF THANK YOU *watches Zane do the moonwalk* | Ninjago | Lego ninjago, Lego, Jay walker

Lmao I'm just too brave that I'm doing this not idiot😂

Morro #Ninjago

#ninjago2011 #ninjago2012 #ninjago2013 #ninjago2014 #ninjago2015 #ninjago2016 #ninjago2017 #cole #jay #wu #misako #garmadon #skylor #P.I.X.A.L #zane #kai ...

photo_library Who is my best friend Cole? 👌😌⤵ " Lloyd or kai or jay

Lloyd and his dragon #Ninjago Lego Movie, Lego Ninjago Movie, Kids Shows,

Cole, best partners-in-crime buddies

That's our blonde pop star baby

By Ookamihanta on Tumblr Little Kid Shows, Stupid Memes, Lego Ninjago, Hay,

lego ninjago glaciershipping ninjago zane ninjago cole lego shipping guess who's back back again long post fanart comic thans for being patient guys!!


Morro by Squira130 Lego Ninjago, South Park, Eyebrows, Salt, Fanart, Eye

Harumi #NinjagoSonsOfGarmadon Art by: ?


See more. Morro: I get ya, bro... Cole: This is your fault

Cole Ninjago

I cant stop laughing!!!!😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣

ookamihanta. Pretty, pretty dangerous

By ookamihanta

Me trying to make up my mind be like<<< me:

Cole ninjago

Why he is soo hot!?!? God no one is hotter than this boi😫😫😫💕💕❤ 💕 if he was irl I could die of nosebleed!!! HE IS TOO HOT!

Gift for : @ookamihanta hope you like it , sorry for pixels ^^;

Full Name, Lego Ninjago, Ninjago Lego Sets

As much as I love Cole,I'm ok with this couple.

Dang this is so good what's going on

⚫#LEGO #Ninjago #KaiSmith #MasterOfFire #bizarroKai #evildoppelgänger ⚫#NinjagoLegacyOfTheGreenNinja #NinjagoSeason2 #Sea… | my ninjago edited pictures ...


Family I do this too just with other shows Ninjago Memes, Lego Ninjago, Ningbo

At the end of third season Cryptor said he'll be waiting for next date so... Not that I ship them, I'm rather Jaya fan, don't worry ^^

Cole and baby wu with aunt nya and uncle jay.

Here is Cole edit I promise for but don't worry Cole art will be

it's been long time i haven't draw ninjago fanart.. cause i really

Cole +headcanons by ProfessorNoodles on deviantART

My Secret Santa gift for @indigo-inkwell ! Cole and Lloyd for you~ I do hope you like it. I went a little crazy with the background. ❤

#legoninjago season 8 drawing by cluelesspxl

In this house, we STAN one (1) green boy. 💜 💜 💜

Bad girls #Ninjago