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Owlteria FINALLY I did it I wanted to draw these three so

Owlteria FINALLY I did it I wanted to draw these three so


Wars of the Roses by WhitePedal25 ...

Owlteria 72 26 Doodle ::Sunshine Smile:: by Owlteria

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Owlterias Commissions1 by Owlteria

believes in the heart of the arts Prompto Argentum, Final Fantasy 3, Noctis,

Pin by Gummii Ohh on Final Fantasy XIII (13) | Pinterest | Final Fantasy, Final fantasy 3 and Lightning

The Accursed Healer by ニーナ @Owlteria Twitter

Prompto FFXV

With the lovely owlteria 's permission, I colored a thing. Cissnei's so pretty and she def needs more love.

I wish my lil bro was half as cute as Leon @gaydragonsandroses zigs is lucky

This semester has been a HELL i barely got 3-4h of sleep everyday this last month, but we've finally finished the videogame project and we're having the ...

There'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don't you cry no more.-

Waiting ( 1 / - / 3

love-zigfried-von-schroeder: “ I wanted to draw this pose again

Welcome Back

love-zigfried-von-schroeder: “ Siegfried (Tag Force Version) V1

I'm so sorry Luna. by Bev-Nap.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I kind of have a phobia when it comes to using red colors. so I

A Mona Lisa smile Ardyn commission, completed for me by the lovely @owlteria 😀 Thank you! 🙏 Imagine Ardyn sitting for a portrait painting, just giving the ...


owlteria: “ Random Line Art ”

Rwby Anime, Killua, Dream Land, I Love Anime, Cute Drawings, Puzzle

Ardyn x Gilgamesh

Finally finished ^_^ I'm happy how it turned out, love the

owlteria: “Nomura, can we play this retired old badass mage of a keyblade master in KH3? Only…just one small episode or something?

ni❰n❱a automata💫 on Twitter: "@LovelyxVan these two XD Btw. did you see this? http://t.co/IEuIfgMPFN"

Game Of Love, Love Games, Sengoku Basara, Video Game Anime, Date Masamune

FFXV Prompto Argentum

Noctis and Ardyn

He loved his bro so much he never wanted to let him go but he has

Final Fantasy Art, Fantasy Series, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Character Art, Character Reference

Noct and Carbuncle by Rain-Strive ...

You will be a better man

Clive and Flora: Afterglow by xHeeendlx ...

a shadow seeker of the vari

Noctis Final Fantasy XV I needed a new user icon so I drew old!Noctis. There was this thing (and I'm not sure if anyone feels the same) that he would do ...


Kingdom Hearts - Terra x Aqua - TerrAqua

fuck yeah ff boys

Aqua & Terra

Suheb Zako on Instagram: “The opened way~ Here my first #inktober ! Again I'm very bad at following the official list but I will nonetheless try to do my ...


Black Butler Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive This pic is just so Cute and Perfect with them reading (I think) a bed time story!

I wanted to draw Noctis and Luna in casual home clothes so…here :

Imaginative Ink

Ardyn & Noctis (6) Owlcapone (@Owlteria) | Twitter Noctis, Final

I See the Light - Tangled Original Sketch Disney Pictures, Tangled Pictures, Disney Pics

The most important panel of 131.5 Black Butler 3, Hetalia, Black Butler Kuroshitsuji,

Kotobukiya Black Canary

Ardyn & Noctis A picture of them where they're not enemies. Sadly

Dark Link ❤ #darklink #legendofzelda #games

Wishshipping Commission by Shaami ...

Seto Kaiba - Liberated by Owlteria on DeviantArt

埋め込み Gladiolus Final Fantasy XV | the good stuff | Final Fantasy, Final fantasy xv, Fantasy

Media Tweets by 黒廼 (@kuroncan) | Twitter


by Yana Toboso Black Butler 3, Sebaciel, Drawing Sketches, Manga Drawing, Drawings

Mischief of The Time Goddess #yugioh #mischiefofthetimegoddess #zigfriedvonschroeder #goddessskuldsoracle #goddess #

FFXV Ignis Stupeo Scientia by VII-Magician Noctis, The Magicians, Boku No Hero

AT - Sunset by Owlteria.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Final Fantasy 3, Fantasy Art, Noctis And Luna, Anime Cupples, Fantasy Couples

Amalthea / Erik Fairy

Art of the cast of Final Fantasy XV. Leave a message in the notes if

Inuyasha, Anime Guys, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Manga Tutorial, Manhwa,

3 king of games right after yugi and atem

Digimon Frontier, Drawing People, Blade, Heroes, Character Design, Pose Reference

(3) Owlcapone🌙 (@Owlteria) | Twitter Final Fantasy Cloud, Final

When I saw this part in the intro for the first time I cried (literally)

Ardyn x Noctis (4) Owlcapone (@Owlteria) | Twitter Ff 15,

Luna and Noctis

Black Butler 3, Ciel Phantomhive, Sebaciel, Black Butler Kuroshitsuji, Anime Manga, Anime Guys, Naruto, Manhwa, Tired

Kisara - Beautifully Destructive Attraction by Owlteria on DeviantArt White Dragon, Destruction, Anime Stuff

Terra x Aqua sketch page by Lady-Valesya

Setaki, in a sort of modernish-futuristic medieval AU. To me its symbolic. His red eyes with tears symbolize that hes forced to do bad things in this AU.

Dirt Trap

Noct finally got a driver's license!

kuRO NO™ -_- I can imagine him telling Keith something along the lines of "my songs know what you did in the dark"

Solar-chan's art blog : Photo

owlteria: “warm-up sketch dlc prompto ”

Episode 3

Tomura Shigaraki, Black Butler 3, Sebaciel, Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler Kuroshitsuji,

myempirexx: *screaming intentionally* Who ever made this has skills like seriously. I just wanna play some otome. We need voltage to create a parody of ...

Liberation by Owlteria on DeviantArt

SIL9: "色を塗っていたけれど途中で冷静になり諦めた

Ardyn Izunia - Final Fantasy

I was going to draw Noel, but he showed up somehow anyway, one of my fav villain plus his badass voice. finally got the platinum trophy, so i thoug.

Some Quick Axel Drawings.... by LightSilverstar Axel Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts

Plot twist Some shenanigans with the boys. I'm burning in the hell of the game, but I'm kinda loving it anyway, so... Sorry. There will prolly be more spam.

She is definitely an artist on the move, and one that you will see going places.

My secret Santa was actually not a fellow roleplay blog–But I heard she's debating on opening one. I sent her a few things asking about what ships she liked ...

Image about anime in Akatsuki no Yona by Lacrimosa

Soo damn hot


Kingdom Hearts 3 Kairi @Mikesan1014 on Twitter! Kingdom Hearts 3 Kairi, Kingdom Hearts